Teacher’s Lifestyle: There’s a UNILAB for Every Family Needs!

Every family has its needs and whether it’s financial or physiological needs, all of us should agree that healthcare should be part of it! In our household, from toddlers to old age, we’re all in need of a sustainable healthcare that will help us in our daily lifestyle. But not most of us can attain much care. And look at the market today, all of them can assume good promises of giving us sustainable healthcare…but most of them fail.


As a multi-tasking teacher, blogger, and Believer, my lifestyle choices is as stiff as ever. Especially if you’re providing for your family. I need to be vigilant as always when it comes to taking care of myself and my family’s health as well. But due to busy schedules and a lot task in my teaching profession, who among you know that taking real-time for healthcare is such an issue. Especially if you got sick because in my line of work, I am not allowed to be sick.


My family is also a victim of this less access in healthcare. We have a family canteen business and because of the demand of the business, most of us need to wake up early to get ready. Stressful as it is, the main sickness that we could have is fever and flu, over-fatigue and even lack of immunity. And in this rainy season, we need to be double vigilant and committed to taking care of each other.


I’m happy to know that as committed as we are, Unilab is also committed to giving us healthcare products that are world class and convenient for all. For more than 1,000 Unilab products and these products are meticulously checked by 3,000 experts, I and my households can be 100% sure that Unilab’s products can provide for our family needs.


And not just about medicines and supplements, Unilab is also committed to giving families a healthy lifestyle by their Unilab Programs from Active Health to Kabalikat Advocacy Programs. Now talk about holistic healthcare!


This rainy season, make the most out of your family needs and trust Unilab for your holistic healthcare. To know more about their products, updates, and programs, just click on www.unilab.com.ph or go to their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page. 

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