Why You Must Upgrade Your Health Plan?

Why You Must Upgrade Your Health Plan?

True story.
Last September, I had one of the most shocking moments in my life: being rushed to the emergency room. Cause: asthma attacks. My sister and my cousin accompanied me to the ER midnight because I couldn’t breathe normally, my whole upper chest is in pain, and my trachea is making weird “whistle” sounds every time I catch my breath. My “panic” self usually think of two things: “am I gonna die now?” and “I don’t have much money to pay my hospital bills.” Luckily, after 3 hours of being in the hospital with some inhaling apparatus and prescription meds (which I considered as maintenance meds), I was able to come home knowing the fact that I have to deal with this asthma for a long period of time.

This ER incident gave me A LOT of eye-opening realizations and reasons why I should take my health seriously. Us humans, whatever race and lifestyle we’re in, have to realize that keeping our physical/mental health fit and well is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves. Especially with all the stress, toxic and uncertainty environment we’re living, we have to make sure that we don’t compensate our health just to earn more, be more, and do more.

Why You Must Upgrade Your Health Plan?

This incident, however, gave me an overview of why people of my age (and everyone) don’t usually consider upgrading health plan. I mean, we knew that company HMO cards and savings are not enough to give us the comprehensive care we need for our health. One major illness can easily wipe off one’s wealth. HMO cards, on the other hand, only give you less benefit that you need (it’s as good as your employment). So why I shouldn’t take this lightly? Here are some of my insights:

1.Healthcare is SOOO EXPENSIVE

If you’re having a minor illness like colds, flu, and body aches, you usually do self-medication or come to the nearest clinic for a check-up. But when accidents and major illness come, you need more than just small healing. You need major medical treatments. And those needs cost TONS of money. If you’re fortunate, it’s easy to heal properly in a private hospital. But based on my experience, going to a public hospital will take A LOT of waiting and patience for you to get through to the healing you need (not saying all public hospitals are like that). And as normal employees/freelance worker, a big amount of money for medical needs is a must.

Did you know that it will take 500k worth of medical bills for you to be treated for just simple heart disease? The majority of people lose their hard-earned money because of medical bills and other treatments. Countries around the world are aware that medical insurance/health insurance is essential for their protection against debt and loss. Why can’t we Filipinos do the same way?

2. We’re not HEALTHY as We Think We Are.

Growing up, I thought I was strong and healthy to face anything. Workaholic as I am, I am used to sleepless nights, OT workloads, toxic traffic, and air pollution and eating too much junk food. I can do everything until I had my asthma attacks. And it’s not done yet. I started to look and feel dull, overweight, and tired all the time. Making my metabolic age 40+ years older than my actual age.

Nowadays, critical illness doesn’t attack people in their 50’s. It now manifest to people who are either younger and the same age as I am. That only means one thing: we don’t have an excuse NOT to take care of ourselves. However, with all the diet trends and active lifestyles that create waves on social media, people should know better. That having a sexy body and active health is not enough to immune us from financial burden when we got sick. You might be physically well, but your finances aren’t healthy at all. So better look deeper before we prioritize our carb intake.


No need to elaborate this further. It can only mean one thing:

Healthy Finances > Healthy Life

It’s more practical to have a better plan for their health goals than none. It’s also wiser to know the right health insurance that will protect your life and wealth for life.

Why You Must Upgrade Your Health Plan?

Many health insurances nowadays is putting their A-Game to bring various products out there to give people more options to protect themselves. Few weeks after my asthma attack, I was able to get an excellent health plan solution for myself that will enable me to protect my health and wealth. Wanna start level-up your health plan too? Here’s a little advice:

  • Talk to a Financial Advisor

It’s weird to talk about health goals to a Financial Advisor. But getting help to them about upgrading your health plan makes a lot of sense. For there are also experts on how you can make a suitable solution for you without breaking the bank. They will lead and mentor you so you can get the right health insurance for you according to your needs. And they can be fun health coach too.

Why You Must Upgrade Your Health Plan?
  • Make Health Insurance Plan as TOP PRIORITY on your Budget List

Consider this as a necessity to your budget plan like groceries, utilities and more. In that way, your mindset will change about upgrading your health plan as a “financial burden” and think of it as a LIFETIME INVESTMENT that you can use for a long time.

  • Motivate your Family and Friends to do the Same

There’s nothing more exciting than sharing the same interests with the people you love, especially if it’s gonna help them in the long run. Encourage them to upgrade their health plan too and make them see the beauty of having a solution to their financial debt and loss due to medical bills.

Change the way you do health care for you and your loved ones. Upgrade your health plan and make the most out our your healthy and fit well being.

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