Women’s Money Buddy “Asian Money Guide” is now here!

Women's Money Buddy "Asian Money Guide" is now here!

“I have 100 thousand dollars sitting in my current account and I have no idea what to do with it.”
“Do I need to pay my maid a 13th month bonus?”
“Should I have a joint bank account with my fiancé?”
“How much does raising a child cost?”
“Is it better to spend my excess income investing in jewelry, travel, or stocks?”

These are questions for woman like me who always wants to move forward in their lives. But in life, there’s one of the things you should not talk about: MONEY.

We all want to learn and do something with our hard-earned money. But with all the complications and fake info about money and investment, it’s hard to be bombarded with worries and doubt.

These what bothers Roshni Chugani and Cristina Morales too. Financial websites and blogs were way too boring and just led to more questions, head-scratching, and googling. So they badgered their boss to start…

Panel focus

6 months later, AsianMoneyGuide.com is launched across four markets: Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and the
Philippines, with the mission to “empower women with basic financial and career advice in bite-sized information presented to them at the right time, at the right life stage”.

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Asian Money Guide (AMG) and its vision has resonated with its early audience so much that 30 ‘ fairy godmums’ a.k.a. contributors gladly shared their articles, stories, and most of all, wisdom, to help other women with their financial whats, what ifs, and woes.

L to R_Moderator Dazzle Ng Sy with panelists Eugene and Ginger Arboleda_ Gina Romero_ Carla Perlas. AMG Head of Content Cristina Morales

AMG fairy godmums include supermodel Stephanie Chai of theluxenomad.com, corporate and innovations wiz Meri Rosich , Founder and CEO of Sixteenth Street Capital, Rashmi Kwatra , Managing Director at Singapore Repertory Theatre, Charlotte Nors , and Head of Regional Business Development at FastJobs Asia, Joelle Pang.

“I wanted to find an online portal where I could contribute some knowledge about single parenting and money matters to help women in my position. Thankfully, I didn’t have to look very far. Asian Money Guide will most definitely be bookmarked on my laptop and phone as I believe it will be a plethora of extremely useful articles, especially for women who care about managing their finances,” shares CIS HK teacher and fairy godmum Anjali Nainani .

K.I.S.S. – Keeping It Simple but Savvy

Asian Money Guide is out to ‘simplify money’, with focus on the financial needs of women. Unlike books, pamphlets, and websites that are peppered with jargon or those that seem to require level 1 financial knowledge (and make you want to pull your hair out), AMG enables every woman – of every situation and background – to be empowered in making money decisions and planning her financial future.

AMG is loaded with 101s, stories, interviews, videos, lists, and other forms of content, on topics such as: Savings, Credit/Debit Cards, Investments, Retirement, Fintech/Cryptocurrencies, Taxes, Insurance, Property, Entrepreneurship, Networking, Job-hunting, Travel, Home, Health, and Work-life Balance.

These may not be exciting at face value, but AMG distills even the most complex financial discussions to easy, fun, bite-sized reads. So how do these sound instead: Which handbag has the highest return on investment? How do I command the same salary as my male coworker? Should I tell my husband how much I really earn? Will investing in Manolo Blahniks increase my chances of signing the deal?

Even practical domestic issues prove interesting: Should I pay my parents to babysit my kids? What are the best budgeting apps out there? Is that ridiculously expensive high-tech vacuum really worth it? Plus, tools such as ‘Loan & Savings’ and ‘Can I afford it?” calculators are available on the portal for all of us busy babes.

Written for you, yes you!

Whether single, in a relationship, engaged, married, separated, with or without kids, readers will find content on Asian Money Guide that just speaks to them. Articles such as “Money Questions Before Marriage: 11 Questions To Ask Your Fiancé” and “The Single Woman’s Guide To Buying A First Home” were produced with particular life stages and situations in mind, to provide information and advice that fit like a glove.

“When I finally learned the ropes on how to be financially independent – after years of relying on my parent’s support – I realised how so many other women must be struggling to achieve financial freedom. I’m thrilled to have Asian Money Guide come to life and hope that in the next year, we can empower women all over Asia to be bold and confident in taking control of their career and investment paths,” shares Roshni Chugani, Director of AMG.

And the response to the portal has been fabulous. “ I love Asian Money Guide – it’s perfect for someone like me who’s not so familiar with the different financial products out there. It’s become my one-stop shop for all things finance, recommendations, tips and advice,” says Danni Siew-Stevens, a sales manager living in Singapore.

“ Knowledge creates impact only when it’s shared and applied. I am excited to share my experiences and what I know on a platform aimed at empowering a generation of women who are chasing their career and financial aspirations. This helps in creating a more equal world” – Joelle Pang, AMG fairy godmum.

See for yourself what all the buzz is about at AsianMoneyGuide.com and visit their Facebook page www.facebook.com/AsianMoneyGuide/. Questions, comments, want to work with us in any way? Drop us a note at info@asianmoneyguide.com . We love chatting over email, coffee, or cocktails!

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