Yul Servo Nieto Unveils His Spectacular Art Pieces Entitled “Directions II” at The Manila Hotel’s Art Gallery

Yul Servo Nieto

Yul Servo Nieto is set to captivate art enthusiasts with his highly anticipated solo exhibit, Directions II, at the exclusive Art Gallery of The Manila Hotel. While widely recognized for his acting prowess, Yul Servo Nieto’s passion for art extends beyond the screen.

This exhibition showcases the artist’s unique vision and exceptional creativity, where he masterfully transforms discarded metal scraps into stunning works of art. “We are honored that Vice Mayor Yul Servo Nieto granted our request for him to hold his second solo exhibit in our art gallery,” says Marvin Kim Tan, Director of Sales and Marketing of The Manila Hotel.

Yul Servo Nieto

Following the resounding success of his debut exhibit, Yul Servo Nieto pushes the boundaries of artistic expression even further in his latest endeavor. Directions II serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to environmental consciousness and the power of art to evoke meaningful conversations.

Yul Servo Nieto

Yul Servo Nieto draws inspiration from his father, Martin Nieto, an architecture graduate and a visual artist, who became one of the enterprising pioneers of the giant billboard advertising industry in the Philippines. While his father’s media of choice are oil and acrylic, Nieto explores the world of metal sculpture. Despite their divergent artistic paths, their love for arts is a common ground of support to each other’s endeavors.

Embark on an inspiring artistic discourse at Yul Servo Nieto’s Directions II exhibit as he showcases masterful pieces on the walls of The Manila Hotel’s Art Gallery starting June 12, 2023. Net proceeds from the sale of Servo’s works will go to selected beneficiaries and charitable organizations. For more information, please contact +632 852700111 or +632 53015500.

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