Practical Bathroom Design Solution in the PH


Bathroom here in the Philippines are different in every household. Wherever you look, every home has its unique type of bathroom that represent ones personality and family values.

When living in a tropical country, not all designs are equal: proper ventilation and color blocking take precedence in all aesthetic decisions due to the hot and humid climate of the Philippines especially in congested metropolitan cities.


And although the layout of your sink and toilet could drastically change depending on your location and house type, there are still some basic fundamental design tips that apply to bathrooms in general, particularly in warmer temperatures. Read below some practical bathroom designs Filipino homeowners can try.

Go For Utilitarianism

There’s a common phenomenon in some households where things tend to eat into the spaces and blur the functions of the rooms altogether. The bathroom is no exception.

Called “horror vacui” or fear of empty spaces,   closets under the sink and cabinets above the faucet are filled to the brim. Oftentimes with items that are out of tune with the needs of its inhabitants while other times with cleaning implements that have no business being in the lavatory (such as laundry detergent for washing machines located in a different part of the house, for example).

For these households, the interior design concept of minimalism is close to impossible, and so we suggest utilitarianism instead — that is, to take stock of the items that you regularly use while in the bath, and to create designated spaces for them.


This could drastically reduce clutter while beautifying your space, especially if the things you choose to keep have aesthetically pleasing counterparts that can function as both item and accent like a hook or a toilet tissue holder.  

For best results, make sure to tie them all together with a unifying theme. You can as match your sink choices and faucet materials with tile color palettes or floor textures.

And for those necessities that can’t match the theme, follow the principle of “out of sight, out of mind” and make proper use of bathroom storage space.

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