Bathroom Make-Over: Tips on How to Make your Bathroom in Excellent Top Shape


Bathroom is one of the most essential space in our home. This is where we relax, cleanse our bodies and give time to take care of our skin. That’s why its no brainer why we should invest on making our bathroom accessible and beautiful to use.

There are fewer spaces in one’s own abode that’s more comforting than the bathroom. With a handful of tricks to spruce up your lavatory, your comfort room can become a veritable sanctuary. Below are a few choice tips on how to care for your bathroom.

First is ensuring that each item has a place of its own.


Caring for space usually entails a clutter-free zone; the more your many essential toilet items stray in different places (i.e. across your sink, near the faucet, etc), the more distracting and messy it would seem. Keep them under control with baskets and organizers, and let your items breathe. With less clutter, your eyes won’t feel too overwhelmed, and so a sense of calm can take over even at just a glance.

Once the issue of clutter has been solved, the next way to care for your bathroom space is to have a frequent cleaning schedule.


As moisture invites unwanted but usual challenges like mold and grime, particularly in the bathing area, inside the toilet, and on the surface of the sink near the faucets, a routine cleaning schedule coupled with quarterly maintenance work for deep cleaning ensures that your sanctuary remains safe from fungi and odor-causing germs. What helps further is to establish a “resetting” routine for each use of the bathroom so that a clean atmosphere is maintained at every visit.


And last but not least comes the finishing touches of sprucing up the lavatory with uplifting accents such as moisture-loving indoor plants and fragrance sticks that compliment your bathroom’s overall aesthetic.

Just make sure you keep your inventory levels of toiletry essentials healthy in your well-stocked storage and you’re on your way to having a bathroom that’s so comforting, it feels like your favorite spa at a 5-star hotel.

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