How BDO Makes Innovation Towards Online Banking More Accessible and Convenient for Teachers


Our teachers are the pillars of knowledge and hope in our society. And more than just their mundane tasks of creating safe and conducive learning for our kids, they also champion the dreams and lives of every individual under their care. That’s why this profession is not for the faint of heart nor for the goal of being rich and famous. As our students shine their brightest, we are the willing mentor and cheerleaders of their present and future.

As for the responsibilities they habitually fulfill in their line of work, we can all agree that one of their struggles is finding time to finish all their tasks. Juggling teaching schedules, preparing lesson plans and teaching materials, and finishing administration work is just the tip of the iceberg of the workload they have to put up with every day. And because of that, going on their errands can be challenging and more often take so much of their time. One of them is going to the bank.

As a public school teacher, most of my time is primarily consumed with my work and making sure my students learn well in my class. So the amount of time, effort, and “extra” money I put into my teaching mostly took a toll on me. That’s why rest days are essential to recharge and be well-capable to fulfill my responsibilities on the school weekdays.

Just like any employee, I also have obligations outside my teaching job like going to the grocery stores, paying my bills, and treating my family on weekends. And time is gold and short when you are a public school teacher. You make sure every minute counts and you rather get as much rest as you need. 

And during this free time, going to the bank and waiting long hours for the ATMs are something I don’t want to do; especially when I rather stay home and get enough sleep during my valuable leisure time. Sadly, not all teachers are tech-savvy enough to do mobile banking; including the tenured 60+-year-old teachers who don’t have the extra time and energy to commute and wait inside the bank. As for us millennial teachers, connections are more important to us than spending time paying bills and bank deposits on-site. That’s why banks in our smartphones are often perceived as an unfamiliar option for us.

Plus, the scams and threats that come with online banking make us skeptical about what is supposed to be a helping hand. Its effect is causing many hassles and complications in our daily lives and it could slow the progress of innovation for teachers to step up and get used to technology as we should. 

Teachers Adapting to Change … with their banking

As teachers, we have to accept the fact that we need to embrace the changes in our environment, especially with the way we handle technology. Through financial literacy via social media platforms and other media tools, we were able to find ways how to make online banking accessible to all walks of life, particularly for our teachers. And lucky for me, banks like BDO were able to help me get through my banking needs through their online apps and “BDO Pay.”


So how does it work? Through BDO pay, I was able to shop in many establishments cash-free. Rather than waiting in line at the ATM, the QR code scan enables me to pay for my grocery shopping cart with ease. I also experience easy online transactions through their seamless bank transfer and bill payment feature. 

Other than this innovative app, BDO was able to bridge the gap in financial inclusion through their various events and promotions that show a variety of creativity and useful information that help teachers like me think about my future goals like retirement, savings, and many more. With this kind of initiative, they were able to build safer and more accessible banking without any complications and fear. 

BDO continuest to create social media contents, initally made for public awareness and financial education. It helps me learn more about their philantropy and serious move against scammers. Photo courtesy from BDO Unibank.

If it wasn’t for these innovations and changes with my banking, I wouldn’t learn that work-life balance in my teaching career is inevitable and helpful in the long run. I found myself no longer waiting in line at ATMs and going to banks during rush hours just to do a bank deposit. Doing online banking with BDO makes it possible for more holistic and accessible financial inclusions for teachers like me. Whether you’re a millennial or tenured in this profession, BDO can indeed find ways for us to champion our financial goals both at present and future time. 

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