Edwin “Daddy Ed” Coquilla and Vhincel Donn “Vhince” Polinag Engage and Motivate the Students of General Pio National High School, Makati City

Edwin "Daddy Ed" Coquilla

Students of General Pio National High School were treated to a special meet and greet visit by Edwin “Daddy Ed” Coquilla, an advocate for Alternative Learning System (ALS), and Vhincel Donn “Vhince” Polinag, a youth leadership and empowerment enthusiast, on May 8, 2024. Hosted by Miss Tammy Magay and Mr. Joy Cabonce from the ALS Department, the event welcomed the Project Eight Initiative team with warmth and enthusiasm.

Edwin "Daddy Ed" Coquilla

The day commenced with a courtesy visit to the School Principal, Miss Juliet Melo, setting a tone of collaboration and mutual respect. Following this, Edwin “Daddy Ed” Coquilla took the floor to share insights about the ALS program and its significance in providing education opportunities to learners who may have alternative paths to traditional schooling. His impassioned discussion underscored the importance of addressing the diverse educational needs of students and ensuring that ALS remains accessible and effective.

Edwin "Daddy Ed" Coquilla

Meanwhile, Polinag delved into the topic of youth leadership and empowerment, emphasizing the role of influence and personal integrity in effective leadership. Drawing from his own experiences and learnings, he inspired the students to harness their potential as leaders and advocates for positive change in their communities.

The interaction didn’t end with the discussions; light snacks were distributed, fostering a sense of camaraderie and hospitality. Participants also had the opportunity to capture memories with Edwin “Daddy Ed” Coquilla, Polinag, and the Project Eight Initiative team through photo ops, creating lasting mementos of the inspiring visit.

Overall, the meet and greet visit left a lasting impact on the students of General Pio National High School, empowering them with knowledge, inspiration, and a renewed sense of purpose. It served as a testament to the power of community engagement and collaboration in nurturing the next generation of leaders and lifelong learners.

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