Nature Inspired Bathroom: 8 Simple Ways to Transform Your Bathroom Into a Paradise


Nature Inspired Bathroom is one of the trendy theme for many minimalist homeowners who wants to be in one with nature. For everybody needs to have a vacation every once in a while. Imagine being able to relax after coming home from work or getting done with cleaning the house. Wouldn’t it be nice if you have your paradise inside your house?

In this guide, we will show you how to turn your bathroom into a paradise:

Let Nature Inspire You

When designing a spa-like bathroom, we suggest that you consider updating your bathroom walls. You can invest with nature or earth colors like olive green, brown, and gray. This color scheme will make your surroundings calm and relaxing.

It also complements your spa accessories and design.

Nature Inspired Bathroom

Upgrade Your Lighting

One of the significant parts of having a spa-like bathroom is the lightings. When we see a spa or a luxurious bathroom design, they seldom use bright and intrusive overhead lights. Instead, they use dim and warm lights that are less likely to cause eye strain.

That said, we suggest installing LED lights. That’s because they’re stylish and more affordable than your standard bulb. Plus, you can save money on your electric bills.

Another thing you can do is add a dimmer switch to control the light source inside your bathroom. Of course, you can use other light sources than an overhead light. A great example would be the Be Box Grooming Light. It complements the spa-like bathroom you’re going for.

Another alternative you can use is candles and place them around the bathroom.

Choose the Right Flooring

Nature Inspired Bathroom

When choosing the right flooring for your bathroom, you can use a light-colored oak plank floor. This will make your spa-like bathroom look serene and intimate without making it cramped. Another flooring option for your bathroom is limestones. That’s because they have good resistance to moistures.

Add Indoor Plants

There are indoor plants like Begonia and Peace Lily that do well inside the bathroom. That’s because the moisture is what helps them grow. But more than that, they complement the spa-like design of your bathroom. They also help improve your space’s indoor air, which allows you to relieve stress.

They also add up color to the room, making it look fresh. If your bathroom is small, then you can consider adding smaller house plants on the shelves. Preferably, plants that do not need much sunlight and rely on humidity to thrive.

Keep it Clutter-free

Nobody wants a cluttered bathroom. Hence, it would be best to keep those shampoos and shaving products out of sight and let your inner minimalist show. You’re making a spa-like bathroom, after all. That means your environment should be relaxing.

Keep your bathroom sparkly clean and smelling great. Don’t forget to clean your bathroom and pare down your belongings. That way, you only get to store what you need. It will also be easier for you to clean your bathroom and keep things neat and tidy.

Nature Inspired Bathroom

Get a Whirlpool Bath

Get a relaxing bathroom experience with a whirlpool bathtub. For one, it allows you to relax and relieve stress. It also improves your blood circulation, which results in healthier skin.

That said, we suggest you install a whirlpool bath like the Aleutian Triangular Integrated Whirlpool Bath. This will not only make your bathroom look like a spa, but it will also transform it into something fancy, modern, and elegant.

Add a Sound System

Adding a sound system in your spa-like bathroom would help you relax while taking a bath. With DTV Shower Panel, you can now listen to your favorite songs while taking a bath, getting ready for work, or just want to unwind before going to bed. Aside from that, there are other benefits of listening to music while taking a shower. It helps you relieve stress, boost self-confidence, improve your mood, boost your mood, and send off positive energy.

Keep Your Feet Warm

Don’t you just hate it when your feet touch a cold stone, tile, or wooden floor after taking a hot shower? Well, you might want to consider getting radiant heat under your floors. Something that you can switch on before taking a shower.

This way, you can finally say goodbye to cold floors.

This heating system helps warm the floor without burning your feet. The underfloor heat system is suitable inside your bathroom since it is hidden. Meaning, it won’t spoil any of your décors nor take space inside your spa-like bathroom.


Creating a spa-like bathroom might be expensive, but it can be worth it. What you need to make it happen are:

  • Nature or earth-toned design palette
  • Warm lighting
  • Indoor plants

When you have these elements, you have a spa-like bathroom that can bring you into a cozy paradise. This could be relaxing inside your whirlpool bathtub while listening to soothing music.

Finally, you won’t have to worry about getting your feet cold. That’s because you have a heating system beneath your floor to keep your feet warm.

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