Teacher Beauty Finds: My Hair Care at Dermcare Experience

Teacher Beauty Finds: My Hair Care at Dermcare Experience

For almost a decade, no hair treatment has ever touched my hair. Except for haircuts and daily hair wash routine, my hair has been boring and lifeless. Good thing that after our visit to SM San Mateo, Dermcare Skin, Hair and Spa Professionals has given us the opportunity to try one of their services in Pasig Boulevard, Pasig City,

Dermcare has been known to their skin and spa services for more than two decades already. And being established as one of the pioneer of skin care in the Philippines, they took some new innovations to their brand by adding hair care services.

Knowing that hair care at Dermcare is something new to my senses, I choose to try some of it. But before I get to that, let me take you to a store touring inside one of their branches in Pasig Boulevard, Pasig City.


Everything about this branch is peaceful to my senses. The quiet and enchanting music of the place is relaxing even though the location of the branch is beside Pasig city road. It can fit almost everyone with its spacious facial area and salon area. One that I also notice is the free WiFi connection and well-ventilation of the branch makes it more relaxing to stay.

DSC07548 DSC07541



DSC07547 DSC07545

DSC07535 DSC07542

DSC07538 DSC07537


From skin care, hair care and spa services, Dermcare has a lot of varieties of it fitted for everyone. They may not have all the services that some of us need, they make sure that you can always choose something that’s suitable for you. Since it’s my first time after a decade to treat my hair, they gave me some suggestions and learnings about the service that I choose which is Hair Color and Hot Oil Treatment; plus eyelashes curling treatment as a bonus :D.

DSC07536 1453242_10153375064278774_2081018262746677465_n

Their staff are really approachable and friendly. They’re making sure that you feel comfortable and ease during your stay. As they did all the treatments in my hair and eyelashes, I felt no strain nor heaviness to what they’re doing. I felt relaxed and at ease.


My hair looks awesome and beautiful after the treatment. They evenly cover all my black hair and work it all together without a mess, knowing that I have a thick and long hair. My hair looks shinier and smooth to touch after the hot oil treatment, leaving a big smile on my face.


10404383_10153375063788774_3113948038779081018_n 11225174_10153375064493774_7029324987286189325_n

The eyelash treatment, on the other hand, looks good as well now that there’s no need for me to put mascara that much.



The prices for all of these treatments I took is not that heavy especially I’m on a budget.

Hair Color                      P500 (and up)

Hot Oil Treatment          P650

Eyelash Treatment        P350

TOTAL=                        P1500

For a treatment like these, I can say that this is affordable in terms of quality and convenience. It’s like the affordable version of your expensive salon treatment, with the quality and class. I must say that I had a good time with Dermcare treating my hair with care. After a decade of boring and lifeless hair, Dermcare indeed spices things up for my hair and make it different. More than just skin care, Dermcare also knows how to turn your hair into something awesome.

If you want to experience the same hair care that I had, go to the Dermcare outlets near you, You can also go to their social media sites:

Facebook: https://facebook.com/i.like.dermcare
Instagram: https://instagram.com/dermcarephilippines
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DERMCARE


No.1 Lakeview Drive cor. Pasig Boulevard, Pasig City

Tel. no: 571.6462

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