Teacher Eats: 3 Reasons Why You Should Have Your #MioGelatiExperience Now

What gelato do you like? All of us are already opened to the idea of this “airless and creamy” ice cream originally made from Italy. As foodie as we are, we don’t put a limitation on where our taste buds can take us. That’s why Filipinos are already reinventing different ways to be in the food business. One of it is located at the new Ayala Mall North Vertis in Quezon City.



Mio Gelati, a gourmet gelato creations was launched its first flagship store after their successful journey as a pop-up store. Owned by Ms. Celina Nolasco and her creative team, this fancy-pink store serves different gelato and other desserts that will take us to a different level. Before you go on judging about this “another-dessert-store,” here are the 3 points that clearly explained what Mio Gelati is all about:

1. They serve “no ordinary” Gelato Flavors that you can love.



Inspired from the different reinvention of the usual flavors we know, they created new gelato flavors that will surprise your taste buds like “Ferrero Rocher,” “ Mango Cream Pie,” “Oreo Mint,” and the sweet-spicy “Chili Chocolate.” My personal favorite is the “Willy Wonka,” “Matcha Green tea,” and their “Lucky Charm,” flavors.

Want something extraordinary gelato flavors? They also serve Alcoholic flavors like “Baileys,” “Tequila Rose.” and “Beer” without the alcohol kick. So don’t worry guys, you will not be drunk digging and enjoying these flavors. 


2. The way they make Gelato is #LEGIT

More than just the flavors, I am more focused on looking at the quality of their gelato and the process of how they make it. Their gelato is said to make daily and fresh before delivering to the store. Using fresh ingredients and keeping the process of making the gelato makes Mio Gelato different to other conventional ice creams in the market. That’s why more than just the flavors, the creamy and airless texture of the ice cream something worth the try.


3. They create milkshakes and other desserts that is #InstagramWorthy


More than just  gelatos, their “gelatoshakes” and their “Smoresicles” are the ones you can look forward once you visit their store. The colorful and “Instagram-worthy” presentation of their shakes are something you can put in your “food fave lists” and your social media post. They have different character in taste and texture that will suit the mood of your taste buds.


The “Smoresicles,” on the other hand, is so unique in it’s taste and how it is made. This might be ordinary Popsicle at first, but a little blaze of torch in this thing and smoking marshmallow will suddenly appear to it. A gelato covered with thick marshmallow is one way to surprise me. And it is amazing how the yummy and smoking marshmallow can compliment well the gelato’s creaminess with every bite.



You can now visit this dessert place and tried it for yourself. Let Mio Gelati surprise you and take it take your taste buds to the next level of gelato experience. Visit their Facebook page www.facebook.com/miogelati for more updates and events. For parties and inquiries, e-mail them at miogelati@yahoo.com


Mio Gelati
Ayala Malls, Vertis North
Quezon City, Philippines
Call 0917 582 7124


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