Teacher Eats: 5 Must-Try Dishes at “Oh-My-Samgyup” Chicken & Beer/Korean BBQ Restaurant

Korean food has influence me the same as Korean beauty products, k-dramas, and travel destinations influenced me. With its popularity, many korean restaurants and establishments are already popping around the metro. Promoting different dishes in a low cost, in a tasty way.

At the main city of entertainment in Quezon City, 4 young entrepreneurs opened a new Korean restaurant that serves k-food with unusual twist. This year, the usual “Oh-My-Samgyup” Korean BBQ launch the 2nd part of their resto: Chicken & Beer Korean Restaurant. And because sharing is caring, I would like to give you a list of the “Must-try” dishes of “Oh-My-Samgyup” Korean Restaurant:

1. “Oh-My-Samgyup” Chicken Platters


I love fried chicken, all taste of it (except the weird and spicy ones). But the chicken platters of Oh-My-Samgyup is tender and juicy, it’s tasty to combined with their crafted beer (with different beer flavors) . Starting from 300 pesos, you can choose with these flavors: Original flavor (300), Cloud Cheese Chicken (340), YangYeom Chicken (320) and Ganjang Chicken (320).

2. Crisp Hawaiian Spam Sticks (250) and Mozzarella Chicken Poppers (260)

These appetizers from Oh-My-Samgyup are more than just finger food to starters. I choose these dishes because of how meaty and tasty it is to the bite. It is best serve hot and with the sweet-flavored beers.


3. Sundubu Jjigae “Army’s Stew”


This yummy stew from Oh-My-Samgyup is perfect for those who seek comfort Korean food at night time. This stew is overloaded with toppings like fish cake, veggies and more, for a price of 300 Pesos. What a affordable stew that can feed 4 people.
Other stews like “Cheese Ramyum” (150), “Budae Jjigae” (300) are one of the top-sellers stews at “Oh-My-Samgyup.”




4. “Spicy Chicken Bokkeumbap” (300)

For more K-food experience, you can also try their rice bowl toppinis that’s big in servings, big on taste. The spicy chicken Bokkeumbap rice topping is a good comfort food dishes after beer night moments with friends. It can low your intoxicate level while filling your stomach (just don’t eat too much, you might throw out).


5. UNLI MEAT Korean BBQ “Oh-My-Samgyup” Special

My Korean food trip is not complete without KOREAN BBQ. In Oh-My-Samgyup, their meat choices for their unli-korean BBQ is splendid to the taste and budget. Their unli Pork (399) and Unli Pork and Beef (499) choices has Unli rice and side dishes included. You can now eat like a Korean royal family with this one.



In conclusion, you will never ran out choices ay Oh-My-Samgyup korean restaurant. From their starter dishes to their Korean BBQ, you will surprise how it will leave you full of Korean goodness in your tummy. What a chill place to be with at Quezon City.


You can visit Oh-My-Samgyup Chicken & Beer and Korean BBQ restaurant at 139 Mother Ignacia ave. Brgy. South Triangle Quezon City (front of ABS CBN ELJ Bldg). Visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/OhMySamgyupp/ for more updates and promos.

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