Teacher Eats: BTN Food Park Experience and more in Balanga, Bataan

Travelling in a province means two things: vacation and family. For some, they just want to see the nature and post it on their social media. But as for me, my travel goals would not be complete without FOODTRIP. 1st week of January, I was invited by a blogger friend to go to a place I have “no idea” with, except their “World War 2” history.

The city of Balanga, Bataan, when I first come, it was a province for me. But when I encountered my 1st day in the city, I realized that they have a good and distinctive taste in combining both history and modernization. I love their architectural sites located in the heart of the city. But you know what I love about Balanga? Their love for food! Coffee shops and other restaurants in Balanga is so creative, it’s not just the #TravelGoals you want to accomplish with this city.


And guess what? They also have a “FOOD PARK.” Just in front of their big Public Marketplace, there’s “BTN Food Park.” And I’m excited to share with you what’s in this new food place that both balance people, visitors, and tourist can love:


1. It’s different from another food park in Manila

Their food park is not something you can find in the food parks we had here in metro manila. It’s more intimate and toned down (in the best way), away from the noise and haste of the city. It simply means you can enjoy your food without stressing out.

See my Facebook video for the highlight of the whole place. 

2. Balanga Food business is SOOO Creative



Yes, they might have the same food concept as in Manila. But I like how they creatively make it on their own. With a price range from 55 pesos to 300 pesos, it’s easy to eat and be merry with their food stalls. Here is the list of food stalls you can find in this food park:


?G Spot Barbeque


?Above Sea Level “Home of the Giant Butterfly Squid”



Bella Cibo



3. They supported the “Tourism of Balanga, Bataan”



Better tourism doesn’t only mean clean beaches and rich history. It’s also about delicious food that makes the place so sold out. In BTN Food Park, they’re not just promoting good food and chill-out place, they’re promoting Balanga culture as well.



Since this food park is located near at the center area of Balanga good architectural structure, (and one tricycle away from the “World War 2 Museum,”) BTN Food Park is a nice place to eat out after wandering around the province. And a good place to end the night with, because of their live band performances, cocktail drinks, etc.



So more than just seeing nature and hop around the beach, get the taste of Balanga, Bataan with “BTN Food Park” and enjoy your #FoodAdventureGoals.



BTN Food Park 

Tenejero, Capitol Drive, Balanga City Bataan 

Number: (04761) 22230
How to get there:
-From Genesis Transit, Cubao (Balanga, Bataan Bus, 200 pesos)
-From Manahan St., ride tricycle going to Kinatawan st./Capitol drive. 

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