Teacher Eats: Create an Exciting Challenge with the NEW Jollibee Wasabi Fries

I tend to challenge myself with some unusual food flavors. I might not be the wild one with all the “samyang noodles challenge” or whatever, but I’m always making a big deal in trying something new to excite my taste buds. And when it comes to exciting flavors and great snacks to share with friends, Jolly Crispy Fries never disappoints. They never fails to bring us exciting and surprising flavors that we learn to love.


And for this season, Jollibee launches its exciting new fries flavor—Wasabi! After the success of the yummy “cheese” and weirdly-good “strawberry” flavors, the Wasabi Fries gives that surprisingly delicious kick for those daring adventure seekers.

“Wasabi Fries is the latest addition to our growing menu which continuously adapts to our customers’ evolving taste preferences. This season, we wanted to turn up the heat with this intriguing and adventurous new product,” Jollibee Senior Marketing Manager for Complementary Products Kay Segismundo said. “Our research and development team balanced the flavor in a way that would cater to those with medium to low tolerance for spice, while still being enjoyable to those who yearn for that kick. It’s perfect for group sharing, especially for friends who continue to look for variety and excitement in food and in everything they do.”

If you’re a wasabi fan and you like to challenge someone to unlock a viral achievements, consider the new Jollibee Wasabi Fries as new challenge tool to excite your friends. It will surely ticking off bucket list items or simply lounging around with your friends, pair the experience with the flavorful Jolly Crispy Fries in plain (Php 35, Php 57 and Php 67 for regular, large and jumbo sizes, respectively) or Wasabi (Php 40, Php 65 and Php 80).

Jolly Crispy Fries is available for dine-in, take-out, delivery and drive-thru transactions. For more information on your Jolly favorites, like Jollibee Philippines’ Facebook page and follow @Jollibee on Twitter and Instagram.

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