Teacher Eats: Have your Dessert Dreams come true with Jollibee’s NEW “Strawberry Choco Sundae.”

I always want to go to the provinces of the Philippines to experience their best food treasures. Like in Baguio and Davao, they produce the best strawberries and cocoa plants respectively. And for everyone’s info, strawberry and chocolate is indeed a good romantic dessert combination (ever experience dipping your strawberries to your chocolate?). Restaurants and bakeshops are already combining strawberries and chocolate to their dishes and desserts. Now talk about #PerfectCombination.

Now be prepared for an awesome treat. Because this 2018, our favorite fast-food brand will take us to another level of strawberry-chocolate experience. As Jollibee brings you their NEW “Strawberry Choco Sundae.”

Their Jollibee’s classic vanilla soft-serve ice cream has how to upgrade with strawberry syrup, chocolate fudge, chunky chewy brownie and crispy chocolate topping. What a beautiful dessert it is. Not too sweet, not to fancy. The result is a well-rounded dessert treat that delivers a full-bodied, indulgent experience with every scoop. At a very affordable price of 39 pesos.



“The Strawberry Choco Sundae will be the first sundae innovation that Jollibee is launching this 2018,” said Kay Segismundo, Jollibee Senior Marketing Manager. “This exciting new dessert is inspired by the emerging ultra-indulgence trend in the food scene, where the ‘more is more’ philosophy is balanced out by a thoughtful combination of classic flavors and contrasting textures. What’s great about the Strawberry Choco Sundae is that it truly feels like a sweet indulgence, but with a very affordable price tag.”


This new sundae treat is just the beginning of all the best things ahead for Jollibee, as they celebrate their 40th Anniversary of Filipino fast food legacy. Now go and make your dessert fantasy come true with this delectable and tasty Strawberry Choco Sundae. Now made available to your nearest Jollibee branch nationwide. You can visit Jollibee Philippines Facebook page www.facebook.com/JollibeePhilippines/ and Instagram page for more updates on Jollibee latest products and promotions.

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