Teacher Eats: Meat District is Now Opening their doors for EVERYONE!

Teacher Eats: Meat District is Now Opening their doors for EVERYONE!

Being a foodie by heart, I was conscious when it comes to what I put in my tummy. That’s why I don’t usually eat processed food like canned goods and hot dogs etc. But more than just a foodie, I’m a busy and all-around freelancer as well who wants to have my food fast and fresh. So I’m stuck having the same ol’ fried food at all times.


It was a rainy Saturday morning when they invited us to be part of the launching of a Meat Products to the public. Meat District was known for their Gourmet Sausages, Hams, and Bacons. But little did I know, it also part of the Tao Corporation and TriDharma Holdings Corp. (Where Kopiko Coffee and Energen oat drink came from). The nature of these companies is always been in the Entrepreneurial terms. So more than being a big corporation, their heart is always set to the aspiring entrepreneurial and small businesses.  Aiming to bring more earnings and opportunities for Filipinos to earn more.

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To know their brief history, MEAT DISTRICT was founded in 2012 with its manufacturing facility located at Cainta, Rizal. The facility has been given a double certification from the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS), and follows strict compliance of both GMP and HACCP quality and sanitation standards.

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The use imported meat products were grown and sourced from the best farms in Australia and Brazil. These meats are frozen, vacuum-sealed and flown in from its origin to ensure freshness. Likewise, we also take pride in supporting our local farmers and the Philippine Swine Industry for our variety of pork products.

Over the past 4 years, Meat District product range has steadily grown from a handful of specialty sausages to more than 30 delicious varieties of premium gourmet meat. Proof of the growing number of customers that enjoy the consistent quality we deliver daily.

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Being unique to their products, they are distinctively tasty as they are made in controlled batches with fresh ingredients and spices.The meat doesn’t artificial flavors, colors, fillers or extenders to ensure maximum flavor.They maintain their time-tested and treasured recipes of specialty sausages and deli meats. One of their delightful creations was European Sausages, Wieners, Bacon, Beef, Ham and even all-time Filipino favorites such as Beef Tapa, Chicken or Pork Longganisa, and Pork Sisig.

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After introducing Meat District, Chef Portia (owner of Rustic Mornings and Chef of “Lifestyle Network Channel”), showed us how to make unique dishes using Meat District Products. It was so thrilling because I love cooking as well. Now it is possible not to cook sausages and beef tapa as a boring fried dish anymore!

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Chef Portia shared to us some of her “cooking life hacks” and how she use Meat District products at her “all-day breakfast restaurant”. As I saw her cooked the dishes, it inspires me to do the recipes as well.


For your cooking references, here’re the dishes that Chef Portia made:


DSC08180 DSC08179


– 6 different sausages, sliced into thick medallions
– 1/2-kilo baby potatoes, sliced into half
– 3 tbsp butter
– 1 whole onion, sliced
– 1-2 tbsp paprika
– 1/2 chicken cube
– 1 cup of water
– chopped parsley


– In a large pan, a flame in medium heat, pour olive oil. Add sliced sausages and saute until brown and firm. Set aside.
– Add butter and let it melt. Add onions and saute for about 30 seconds. Add potatoes and saute until they cooked and nicely browned.
– Add paprika sprinkled all over the sausages/potatoes. Saute for another 30 seconds.
– Add a chicken cube and 1 cup of water. Let it simmer in low fire until sauce thickens.
– Once cooked and the sauce is thick, add chopped parsleys.


DSC08181 DSC08189

DSC08195 DSC08201


– 500g penne noodles
– 150 grams bacon, chopped
– 1/2-kilo chicken breast, cubed, salt and pepper
– 1 tbsp Italian seasoning
– 1 tbsp smoked paprika
– 5 cloves garlic, minced
– 1 whole onion
– 6 whole tomatoes
– 10 sundried tomatoes
– 2 handful of spinach leaves
– 3 cups of cooking cream
– salt and pepper to season
– chili pepper flakes


– In a big pan, saute bacon until nice and brown. Drain excess oil and set aside.
– In the same pan, add chicken breast and seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika, and Italian seasoning.
-Once it turns nice and slightly browned, flip and season the other side and continue to cook until brown. Set aside.
– In the same pan, saute onion and garlic. Add tomatoes (quartered) and sun-dried tomatoes (sliced). Add spinach leaves and saute until it wilts. Pour cooking cream, mixed and dilute with pasta water if needed.
– Sprinkled chili pepper flakes and season with salt and pepper.
– Add penne noodles, mix together and serve hot with parmesan cheese on top.


DSC08144 DSC08150

DSC08155 DSC08154

Like I said, te heart of their business is to help to aspire entrepreneurs. I learned that more than just having it in your daily meal, you can also earn big by selling Meat District products to your neighbors! Since the terms and conditions of the market are easy and accommodating, it’s easy to have your business at home that will help you generate earnings for your daily expenses.

DSC08149 DSC08146

Here’s “The Meat District Reseller Starter Kit” will able to help you put up your small business. The starter kit includes:

11887883_10153520273188774_3297733973693618089_n (1)
– 5000php worth of Meat District Products (Schublig Sausage, Honeycured Bacon, Pork Tocino, Lean Ham etc.)
– Meat District Catalogue and Pricelist
– Reseller Poster (Free)
– Reseller T-shirt (free)
– Insulated Bag (Free)

All these for ONLY 5,000PHP.
For order and inquiries, call their hotline no. 646-5626 local 131 or go to their website at http://www.meatdistrictcorp.com/home

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