Teacher Eats: My “Around the World” Foodie Experience at Manila Hotel’s Cafe Ilang-Ilang (The Review)

Teacher Eats: My "Around the World" Foodie Experience at Manila Hotel's Cafe Ilang-Ilang (The Review)

Buffets are in demand for people who want luxury and expensive tastes. For some, it can ruin someone’s figure or diet due to too much eating. But if you want to explore your taste buds without going to one restaurant to another, Buffets are your convenient choice.

Considered as one of the finest hotels in the Philippines, Manila Hotel has been the best choice for hotel accommodations and hospitality services. And more than just a 5-star hotel, they also have a buffet restaurant that will explore the taste buds of their guest and visitors.


I posted earlier about the promotion of “Cafe Ilang-Ilang” as Manila Hotel’s newest dining offers for everyone as they unveil their new “Around the World Buffet” stations. This aim to give its guests and visitors a wide range of food selections for everyone to enjoy.

In my “FIRST” visit, I never thought I will eat that much in my entire life. And more than just the food, here’s some short review about the “Around the World Food trip” I had in Cafe Ilang-Ilang.


The restaurant welcomed us in its cozy and spacious modern-meets-classy atmosphere. It made me feel like a rich kid in one day hehe. The restaurant can accommodate big group gatherings without crowding. And since it has a larger seats and tables, you can be sure that there will be a lot of space for your plates. There are WiFi Access and Coffee Table areas as well for corporate and business meetings.

DSC06897 DSC06906

DSC06907 DSC06897


Since the theme of their buffet is “Around the World,” I took the opportunity to try some of their best sellers. The Japanese, Churrasco/Grill, and Desserts stations (for me) are the people’s choice among the others. I also tried the Korean, Chinese, and Filipino dishes at their stations. Here’s the pics of all the buffet stations:


Korean dishes are something that I really look forward to. The good thing about Cafe Ilang-Ilang is their authentic ingredients fresh from Korea, so I did enjoy my Korean food trip.



The station has its own pizza place where they make the pizza in a fresco. It also has a variety of pasta and gourmet cheese and ham for your classy Italian experience.



DSC06902 DSC06900

DSC06903 DSC06904


The sushi tastes awesome especially it was made fresh and creative by their own sushi chefs. They also have tempuras, ramen, teppanyaki and many more.


DSC06948 DSC06951



You can have your meats and seafood freshly grilled to this station. I had my best-grilled prawns ever, thanks to the hands of their professional chefs and boy my prawns tastes like world class!


DSC06942 DSC06943


Desserts in Cafe Ilang-Ilang is one thing you should really try. Their specialty is their Exclusive Macarons and it really taste awesome and expensive. The macarons and other pastries are made by Chef Jerome, the new Executive Pastry chef. They also had their own set of “Sugar-Free desserts” for the healthy conscious dessert lovers.


DSC06926 DSC06924

DSC06928 DSC06932

DSC06938 DSC06937

DSC06934 DSC06935

DSC06927 DSC06941



DSC06922  DSC06921

DSC06920 DSC06919




DSC06967 DSC06911


It seems so obvious that their price rates (per person) is really expensive for a 5-star hotel. But looking at their rates:


Breakfast Buffet (Mondays to Sundays):
PhP 1,450.00 NET per person

Brunch (Sundays only):
PhP 2,450.00 NET per person with bottomless chilled juices
*With Face Painting and Balloon Twisting activities for kids

Lunch (Mondays to Saturdays):
PhP 2,150.00 NET per person

Dinner (Themed Nights):

Mondays – International Buffet: PhP 2,450.00 NET per person

Tuesdays – Mediterranean Night: PhP 2,450.00 NET per person

Wednesdays – Asian Night: PhP 2,450.00 NET per person

Thursdays – Surf And Turf Night: PhP 2,950.00 NET per person

Fridays – Seafood Night with live magician entertainment: PhP 2,950.00 NET per person

Saturdays – American Night: PhP 2,950.00 NET per person

Sundays – International Buffet: PhP 2,950.00 NET per person

The Lunch Rate we took costs about PhP 2,150.00 NET per person and for us IT REALLY IS expensive. But compared it to other buffets that we have here in the metro. Unlike the others, Cafe Ilang-Ilang rates are less costly without the compromise. Not to mention the quality and the excellence of the dining experience that we had. Cafe Ilang-Ilang is indeed a worthy place to spend your buffet money for.


With our food experience: (1-10 Teacher Points)

THE INTERIOR:      9    Teacher Points

THE FOOD:             9.5 Teacher Points

THE SERVICE:        9    Teacher Points

THE PRICE:             8    Teacher Points

OVERALL:               9.5 TEACHER POINTS!

The food was very good. The Ambiance and the Service were very good as well. And despite the food rates being costly, this is indeed a dream 5-star experience to be with, even if its only for one day.

For inquiries and reservations, please call Cafe Ilang-Ilang at 527 00 11 local 1317 04 1318. For updates and promos, visit,www.facebook.com/TheManilaHotel or via Twitter at @ManilaHotel and Instagram @manila_hotel.

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