Teacher Eats: New Wave of Cooking with Midea

Teacher Eats: New Wave of Cooking with Midea

Being single (by choice) who’s starting a new chapter of her life is not that easy. Many adjustments and learning need to be done as you live independently. Working schedules and other errands makes you tired not to prepare or even cook something for yourself. Preparing home-cooked lunch, on the other hand, has become boring and frustrating at the same time. You don’t want to have a same old boring fried dishes every day. But at the same time, you don’t want to be burnout and make a mess of yourself before going to your workplace.

Good thing as technology becomes more innovative, Kitchen Appliances today has its advancement as well for all. To this season, Midea Appliances offers new kitchen tools and appliances that will help you have those dishes that you never had a chance to cook at home.


World class brand Midea brings a new twist to your kitchen appliances! Its line of microwave ovens, induction cookers, digital multi-cookers and electric kettles is sure to make any homemaker’s life a lot easier without burning a hole in your pocket. Energy efficiency, solid performance and compact designs make these essential additions in any start-up household.



To clearly point out what I’m talking about, we’re invited to this gathering a few days ago where Celebrity Chef Rob Pengson demonstrates the performance and solid efficiency of Midea Appliances to every type of cooking needs.


He makes some Thai Dishes for less than 15 minutes using Midea Induction Cooker and Microwave Oven.The nice thing about Midea’s induction cooker is the way how fast it is to cook meats and hard soups with less electricity involve, makes it more energy efficient to use. Plus the safety mode of the cooker is good for the people of ages to use.

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Their microwave oven is indeed an energy efficient when it comes to its 1 peso in electricity per three-minute cooking time. It means it can cook faster and it seals the nutrients of the food more with less cooking time.

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Cooking big-time dishes like paella and Beef dishes takes too much time to make. Because you have to soften the meat by boiling it and it can take much of your time and using a traditional pressure cooker makes it dangerous and risky as well. Midea’s Digital Multi-Cookers has a lot to offer when it comes to that. It can be use to cook congee and stews, stream seafood, rice cakes and vegetables, make soups and boil eggs. And more than just perfect rice, it can also make  beef bullalo and seafood paella like Chef Robert did in half a time.

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The Electric Kettle of Midea is considered as the safest kettles in the market. In just three minutes, it can boil water with less effort. It also has a lower power consumption than other electric kettles in the market. With its patented UK Strix control that ensures against dry boiling and protection from overheating, you and your family are safe from electric shocks, injuries and fire.


With its quality and performance, Midea is indeed a good choice and worth for your money. As seeing these dishes that Chef Rob made using Midea, truly this is a kitchen tool that you’ll ever need.


True to their commitment of enriching the different lifestyles of people, Midea lets you experience the same quality of innovative appliances but at a reasonable price.


One more thing, I got myself an NEW Midea Healthy Rice Cooker after winning their raffle. So now I can experience my own Midea kitchen experience. YAY!


For more information about Midea, just call their landline no. +632-850-9888 or visit www.midea.com.ph

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