Teacher Eats: The WaffleXDonut hybrid “Wo-nut” is now open at SM Fairview.

Being creative is one of the essential factors to be considered when you put up your own business. When it comes to the food industry, it seems like there’s something to look forward too. No matter how the distance and cost of the food, people are always in for gastronomical adventure and more.

There’s something unusual and tasty to look forward at SM Fairview today. Because eating waffle and donut will never be the same again! Last Saturday on a middle of the 3-day sale of SM Fairview, a new type of food hybrid had come to make all food lover of all ages enjoy their food adventure.


Photo credit to wo-nut facebook page.

With the hybrid of waffles and donut toppings, Wonut is a Chicago-inspired dessert that’s new and hip for the customers to see. This food stall is the first and the original Wo-nut (waffle-donut) in the Philippines and it’s already making a hit to the shoppers at SM Fairview, as they begin to open their food stall at the same mall. Wo-Nut has been very generous during its opening and first 50 customers were given 1 Wo-Nut for FREE while the next 50 customers get the Buy 1 Take 1 offer.


Photo credit to wo-nut facebook page.

Wo-nut was made available here in the Philippines based on the inspiration of one’s businesswoman admiration for waffles. Wo-Nut was conceptualized and developed by CCD Food and Consulting Management Corporation that specializes in food, business, and franchise development which led by Ms. Anj Castillo. The SM Fairview franchise was owned by Mr. Ivan Amoguiz and said during our interview that he is into venture into the food business.


Photo credit to wo-nut facebook page.


Photo credit to wo-nut facebook page.

Their wo-nuts come from the different variety of flavors that surely many Filipinos will like. They only use fresh ingredients and manufactured on their own. Rest assured that all of their wo-nuts will be tasty and safe to eat as ever.


Photo credit to wo-nut facebook page.

Wow my favorite waffle and donut, combined in one awesome dessert.

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Wo-nut will surely bring more love as they open for the franchise and more stalls will be open soon. For more updates and latest promotions, kindly visit their social media accounts:


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