Teacher Reads: “Break Free” by Don Soriano Book Review

Financial Literacy is not something I’m expert to teach nor feature in this blog. Because just like anyone else, I also have some financial mishaps that I need to fix. It is never easy to teach something that you can’t act on. There’s a certain expectation about financial tips that most people tend to practice but not usually works for everyone. Doing such things can make you feel frustrated and burnout at the end. But you have to do it anyway because there’s no waste in learning new things. Energy can be restored but there are some learning in Financial Freedom that’s hard to find. And that’s what this featured book for today is all about.

“Break Free” by Don Soriano is an 81-page book that talks about his personal financial strategies and tips for readers like you and me to claim financial freedom. Just like any business struggles, Don went through bankruptcy and unfortunate consequences (due to unwise decisions), to literally own a million earned business that led him to his financial freedom. And now being a business man and Financial Literacy Advocate, he wrote this book that will help young Filipinos to step into the world of sales and business with a right business mindsets and principles in life.

If you think it’s just another money management book, think again. Because of more than financial talks and stuff, there’s some inspiring stories and principles quoted from different financial authors/speakers that can teach you “employee-to-employer” principles and entrepreneurial tricks.
To be honest, I’m no longer used to be a reader (blame it on social media lols), and reading such book is quite challenging. But finishing it for less than 2 hours encourages me to learn some principles that you and me to apply:

1. Don’t Quit Your Job (yet)
2. Make yourself as “BEST INVESTMENT”
3. Love and Hunger for THRIVING
   – Invest in learning new things;
   – Go to seminars, mentoring, classes, etc.
   – “Start seeing every peso you spend on personal development as a real investment with unlimited gains.” – Don Soriano

The downside, however, is the terminologies that the author wrote about money management and leverage. It’s a bit hard for an average employee to understand. It’s just me by the way but if you want to learn those things optimistically and if you want to have a “quick build of business mindset”, this book is a must have.

For those who are starting to enter the full-time business after employment, there are principles in this book that will help you start your business from the “Law of Association”, “Understanding Financial Freedom”, and “Best First Steps to Business.”
Make Financial Freedom as easy as it should be for every Filipino entrepreneur aspirants and learn new things from this book. If I can learn financial freedom as a teacher/blogger, you too can make it happen, whatever background you’re in.

For more details on how you can avail this book, you can visit the author’s Facebook and Instagram page:

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