Teacher’s Insights: Make A Statement Like No Other with Casa Eros Muebles

When you enter someone’s home or establishment, what do you usually feel? What do you first see? Entering someone’s home or going to a different establishment is something I’m looking forward. Because usually, seeing someone’s home reflects the personality of the owner. Seeing the interior design of an establishment reflects the success of its owners. When it comes to choosing your furniture piece, it would more or less reflect your personality, your individuality, your uniqueness.

That’s why more than just buying shady furniture and simply put it out in your house, you might consider having someone to work it out for you like an interior design firm. However, with the expensive consultations, plan execution & furniture prices, today is so expensive it will kill your budget.



Good thing that Casa Eros Muebles is no ordinary interior company. Its difference is that the company offers interior design ideas or concept before offering which furniture to get. They will provide you with analysis and recommendations as to appropriate style for your homes or business. More than just interior design, his major expertise is to do custom-made Designer Furniture sets for homes, condominiums, resorts, spa, hotels, and restaurants and other establishments.



This company, started last 2012, is specialized in interior design that ranges from Victorian, Italian, Middle Eastern, French, European, and Asian. It’s owner and manager Mr. Alex Morales Abergas has been doing design consultancy for various hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and bakeshops in the Philippines. And last week, he gave us a tour of the showroom/home to see many of his masterpieces. The reason why the owner wants to have his showroom to his home is so that people will be able to see the full experience of his furniture and other interior designs he has to offer.


They can restore old and damaged muebles and turn it into a work of art. They do it by making sure they use proper materials for the project without compromising the quality of the furniture. And with 30-45 days lead time, they put skilled labor and artistry to every custom-made furniture. Most materials used are imported except for the wood which is locally from the Philippines such as Gmilina, Mahogany, Molave, and Narra (but very limited due to its availability except for existing narra antiques).



Casa Eros Muebles also expertise in various services like woodcraft making, artists, upholsterers, painters, curtain or drapery with Valance Boards, and landscaping for gardens and swimming pool. Despite its Victorian-concept expertise, they also offer custom-made modern furniture that’s 7 to 20 days in lead time.



So more than just furniture, Casa Eros indeed can make interior design a statement like no other. Casa Eros Muebles is located at Cainta, Rizal with contact numbers (+63) 2134088, (+63) 9272523341, (+63) 9331775460. Visit their website at www.casaerosmuebles.com or their Facebook page at www,facebook.com/eroshomedesigns to see their portfolio and other interior designs.


If you want to avail their 10% discount, just refer this blog post to them and let them do the magic in creating a statement in your interior. 


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