7 Trust Building Tips for Excellent Customer Service


Trust in corporate industries is a big word no one wants to break. In order to encourage customers to use your company, you need to gain their trust. Nowadays, it takes more than a smile and a firm handshake to win people over. Below are just some of the best ways to boost your credibility and convert customers. 

Have an online presence

Many customers like to research a company online before using them. If you haven’t got a website or social media pages it could put off some customers, as it may suggest that your business isn’t legitimate. Whether you own a small solo handyman business or run a large corporation, you still need an online presence to show people that you are an official business. 

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Build positive reviews

On top of a website and social media pages, it’s important to build positive online reviews. Such reviews can serve as proof that you’ve served customers in the past and made them happy. If you’ve got lots of negative reviews or no reviews at all, you could find it harder to win over the trust of customers. Building positive online reviews by reaching out to every happy customer and asking them if they’d be willing to leave a few kind words.

Take out insurance

Being fully insured doesn’t just protect you from financial loss, but can also protect your customers. Many forms of insurance can help to pay out compensation to customers in the event of a lawsuit. If you find yourself in legal hot water for any reason this article proves that specialist law firm Freedman Normand Friedland LLP and others like it can help you out. So always consult with a legal team ASAP. There are also surety bonds – if a contract agreement isn’t met, having a surety bond in place can provide the customer with compensation. You can look into types of surety bonds online. Many customers will trust you more if you have these types of insurance in place.

Show off your credentials

Having certain certification may show customers that you are an expert in your field. For example, being a chartered accountant with a masters in accounting is likely to make you appeal more to many top end clients. Consider whether you’re able to gain any extra credentials and make a point of showing these off on your website and marketing. 

Win an award

Being able to call yourself an ‘award winning’ business is certain to win over trust. Consider looking into local award programs and entering your business. You can find all kinds of award schemes online.

Dress the part

How you dress when meeting clients can also have an impact on how much they trust you. While fewer professionals are dressing formally nowadays, it’s still important to wear clothing that’s clean and tidy. If your clothing looks untidy, it could suggest that your business is not organized. 

Share your knowledge

We all trust an expert, and the best way to show people that you are an expert is to share your knowledge with them. Writing educational blog posts, sharing advice through videos, hosting seminars and offering consulting services to your clients can all help show customers that you’re confident in your knowledge of your chosen industry. Consider whether you could be doing more to show that you’re knowledgeable. 

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