BDO Unibank Enhances Sustainability Commitment through Incredible Tree Planting

BDO Unibank

BDO Unibank Inc. (BDO) supported ABS CBN Foundation’s “Bantay Kalikasan” (Nature Watch) which aims to protect and enrich our country’s environment by collaborating with various sectors of the community. For more than two decades, “Bantay Kalikasan”, the biggest media-led environment organization in the Philippines, continues to help in addressing environmental issues.

BDO Unibank

BDO Unibank adopted one hectare of forest and engaged employee volunteers who germinated 500 sandalwood seeds and planted 400 native tree seedlings at the La Mesa Watershed.  A more sustainable influence of the event was the BDO Unibank employee volunteers’ participation in the environmental awareness lecture to learn how each individual’s efforts can contribute to save the planet.

BDO’s partnership with ABS CBN Foundation is essential to advance the Bank’s sustainability initiatives in the country related to environment. Through the Bank’s Employee Volunteer Program (EVP), more than a hundred BDO employees from different locations have contributed in the reforestation of La Mesa Watershed which supplies water to Metro Manila residents. This program empowers employees to become sustainability champions through volunteer work. The EVP also supports sustainability-themed activities that address poverty and hunger, education and financial inclusion.

For more information, please visit www.bdo.com.ph.          

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