Cleaning Tips: 5 Ways for More Effective and Stress-Free Cleaning Time with Family


Cleaning can be a very stressful task, especially if you’ve taken it for granted or set it aside for quite some time now. But, cleaning or keeping the home organized doesn’t always have to be overwhelming. 

Lumina Homes has 5 tips that will help you in keeping your house the home you’ve always dreamed of:

Begin by buying a good quality home

The perks of buying a good quality home are experienced not only in the long run but also daily. 

You will begin to notice that every nook and cranny is easy to clean. You will not have problems with leaks on the roof or faucets or dampness on the wall. You will need little or less time for maintenance and more on making it homey.

That’s where Lumina Homes comes in. The leading affordable housing developer has been committed to going beyond what is expected of affordable housing. “We will continue to maximize all our developments’ potential to provide our residents the quality home and life they deserve,” Engr. Joemi Tan, Division Head of Lumina Homes in North and East Luzon, said.

While in the affordable housing category, Lumina Homes has been going above and beyond for the last decade by building homes that are truly worth the investment. 

Have your cleaning materials ready

It is difficult to get in the cleaning mood or zone if you don’t have cleaning essentials on hand. This is one less problem for Lumina Homes owners as they can conveniently access lifestyle centers like Vista Mall and AllHome, which houses all cleaning finds–from small sponges to huge cleaning appliance like vacuums.


Clean certain areas daily

To maintain the home’s cleanliness, prioritize the busy areas or frequented spots at home, such as the living room, kitchen, space for pets, and dining area. Create a daily cleaning routine to keep these areas in tip-top shape.

Tackle some areas on a weekly or monthly basis

Don’t clean everything every day and in one go. List down the areas that you have to clean weekly or monthly. As a tip, you can give your bedroom vanity area a refresh at the end of every week. You can also tackle your garage or storage room every month.

Get the family involved

As they say, divide and conquer. Ask each family member to help clean the house, especially when you’re doing a monthly general cleaning. Remind each family member to be in charge of cleaning their rooms. Practicing Clean As You Go (CLAYGO), even at home, is also a game-changer.

Cleaning and home maintenance don’t have to be exhausting, especially when you live in a Lumina home.

Know more tips and advice about your home by reading Lumina Homes’ blogs or watching through its Youtube Channel @luminahomesofficial.

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