Effective Customer Communication: Your Number One Priority


Customer are the fuel of every business. And here in the Philippines, the first place customers go to talk to businesses is online chat. Everyone does it, no matter what you want to learn about, whether it’s booking an island-hopping trip, getting notarial services from a lawyer, or ordering lechon. 

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But many companies still aren’t paying attention to this fact. Owners might be on Facebook messenger, responding to customer queries, but they are still not taking the format seriously, or really leveraging it for all its worth. 

Despite the cordial nature of interactions, consumers are still looking for value. Politeness and respect don’t necessarily mean that buyers are willing to hand over their pesos. They want to know that they are getting a good deal for themselves and their families. 

That’s why communication strategy is so important. Getting it right means being able to win over customers that would be impossible to get otherwise. 

So what exactly do you need to do? Here’s a rundown. 

Clearly State Your Offering On Your Social Media Pages

Most Pinoy businesses run their online operations via their Facebook pages. However, relatively few clearly state deals available to customers, or what they can expect when they buy services. 

Therefore, it’s a good idea to take a look at your Facebook page and ask how it looks to a brand new customer. Can they find all the information they need, or will they leave the page wondering what steps they need to take next? 

If you have any special offers, update your pages accordingly. Then, when the offer is over, just cut and paste the old pricing structure from another document. 

Provide Security

You’ll also want to offer customers security and guarantees. For instance, don’t ask for all the money upfront. Rather, ask for half now, and then half once you’ve given the service. Alternatively, provide the service first and then get customers to pay you. 

Add Chat Software To Your Website

Another option is to add online chat software to your website. This way, customers can communicate with you in the same way as they might on Facebook, without having to switch browser tabs and platforms. You can deliver the same quality of service via a separate website and derive real value from your website investment. 

Don’t Irritate Customers With Hidden Charges

It’s a common and bad business practice to offer one price upfront and then wind up charging customers something entirely different. This happens all the time on so-called “tours” that customers think are all-inclusive but aren’t.

Stick to a single price and make a point of it. Tell your customers that they won’t face any hidden fees. And if you need to charge extra for something, like drinks, make it clear that that’s what you are doing. 

Make Service A Habit

Lastly, you’ll want to find ways to make good service a habit, not just something that you provide from time to time. This means keeping customers updated at all times of progress and giving them information on their current status. Remember, labor costs are low, so you have more scope to provide an individualised service.

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