Geeky and Techie: First drone race of the south at Cybercon 2.0

When I think about drones, the only person comes to my mind is the facebook travel vlogger Nas Daily. Because of his one minute videos (with splendid and wonder video shots using his drone), I made an decision to have my own drone as well for my facebook page videos. Good thing about SM Southmall, they literally “got it all for you!” 


As SM Southmall celebrates Cybermonth with a first-ever drone race in the south! Cybercon 2.0 features a state of the art drone racing event, with licensed drone pilots vying to win the prize and to finish the race track first. The drone race commenced last August 27, at the 4F South Tower Parking.



In partnership with National Drone League, Vivo, Power Mac Center, and Nikon, this year’s Cybercon is focused on traditional and modern photography, with the Gadget Expo and Photography Workshops at the event center from August 21-28.

The Gadget Expo offers great deals and discounts on the latest gadgets and accessories for cameras and mobile photography as well. Photography Workshops were conducted by Nikon’s professional photographers, basic skills on drone flying from the National Drone League, and digital photo editing skills from Power Mac Center.


Truly, SM Southmall caters to the different tastes of its community. No matter the season, the occasion or the time of the year, SM Southmall welcomes the community with open arms.

Visit the SM Southmall Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/smsouthmall/ for more events, and inquiries. 

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