Geeky and Techie: Korea-based Gyeonggi Content Agency is partnering with Elite Gamers Inc. to launch Quality Games throughout Southeast Asia.

For all the gamers out there, this is one for the books. Straight from the province of South Korea, a government agency Gyeonggi Content Agency is partnering with Elite Gamers Inc. to bring fresh and quality games throughout Southeast Asia.


Elite Games Inc., a Seoul, South Korea based premier service provider introduced new 4 games and they chose Philippines to be the honoring spot for their launch.

Gaming is a serious business.

Just so you know, gaming industry (particularly the mobile gaming side) has earned tons of income to many gaming company for the past few years. According to Newzoo, a market intelligence company, the global games market will reach 108.9 Billion US Dollars with mobile taking 42% of the gamers market.

In short, many Filipinos will able to make gaming industry as a starting point for innovating tech industries. Today, we have Philippine companies working on AAA titles like Microsoft Studios’ Gear of War 4 game, Ubisoft, creator of Assassin’ s Creed game series and more.


Elite Games Inc. will soon provide regional publishing services for the following mobile games:  Joy Planet, Next Exit, Velator and Fantasy Tales. The partnership between GCA and Elite Games Inc. will also provide bilateral exchange of business, expertise and technology between South Korea, the Philippines and the rest of South East Asia.  With this partnership, Philippine developers and developed games could potentially be introduced and promoted in South Korea.

More than just gaming app

This bilateral exchange between the Korea and the Southeast Asian region also aims to help local educational institutions mold the future of gaming industry by adapting to the ever-changing needs of the industry and its playerbase. There are diverse sets of disciplines needed in the development and publishing of games. From business management, marketing, programming, art, game design, quality, assurance, sales, content writing, digital advertising and many more, the aim is to create an ecosystem of young professionals, ready to usher in Southeast Asia, specifically the Philippines, as a global leader and hub of the global gaming industry.

Get to know the games

  1. Joy Planet1512143108914

  • Casual and unique puzzle game
  • Build your own “planet”: decorate your planet with stores, street stalls, ornaments, tiles and more!
  • More than 140 puzzle games to conquer.
  1. Next Exit1512142800328

Next Exit – The 1st EXIT Dungeon Escape Game” is an escapist platformer with simple controls that is easy to learn but hard to master. With numerous ways to die, the game remind players that each instances of death is a lesson to learn, and it is never the end until the player quits. To top it all off, players can create their own elaborate level using the numerous items and props in the game.

  1. Velator: Immortal Invation

From Red Sahara Studio, Velator is a Fantasy Epic Team Strategy RPG set in the kingdom of Shunhyte. Velator sets the player to an epic story up to the final battle against the storm of the immortal. Even with auto battle options provided, the game engages the player to play manually not just to be immersed by the action combat system but also to rely on their own strategies through timing of skills and party composition.


  1. Fantasy Tales

A world with two colliding goddesses: The Goddess of Creation, Ditne and The Goddess of Destruction, Lakstia. Fantasy Tales is an explosive Idle RPG produced by captains with jaw dropping character designs and combat system that provides astonishing gameplay for an Idle RPG. It adds a gameplay that non-existing, existing RPGs do not have. It is a new concept free RPG with simple, easy customization, growth, collection and strategy. Climb your way high as you obtain different reincarnation stones that can make your hero destroys all the demons relentlessly.

Elite Games Inc. is expected to introduce more games in the future for PC, mobile and consoles through a partnership with Gyeonggi Content Agency and sponsor Philippines and SEA based game developers to market and publish their games in Korea as well.

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