#ShareTheLove with Canva and Create More

#ShareTheLove with Canva

#ShareTheLove with Canva has been giving us love in many forms! For this love month calls for more love that is made for your family, passion, craft, community, creativity and more.

Let’s look more closely at the different faces of love, and the beautiful unique versions of showing it.

Doctor-to-the barrio goes beyond her duty for love of community

Dr. Aimee Capinpuyan, a new doctor-to-the-barrio works in a small town in Butuan City in Agusan del Norte. Prior to this she was assigned to Gigaquit, a town in Surigao del Norte, as head of the local government’s planning team for COVID-19 response in 2020.

Dr. Aimee shows her love and care for the town by ensuring that the people are not walking in the dark during these unprecedented times. She manages the town’s local COVID-19 updates on Facebook that many people rely on as one of their primary sources of information. This is on top of managing the quarantine facilities, and doing regular check-ups in the town’s different barangays.

“I use Canva to design the town’s local COVID-19 updates. The Filipino graphics pack was excellent for this purpose, featuring characters that look and feel much like the locals that I met and cared for daily. The Filipino icon pack features everyday Pinoys like security guards, tinderas, and farmers. Gamit na gamit ko yan sa mga infographics ko,” said Dr. Aimee.

#ShareTheLove with Canva
Dr. Capinpuyan’s Facebook update for Gigaquit’s Rural Health Unit

“Canva’s creative minimalist templates help me distill technical COVID-19 data down to simple infographics that people can easily understand. It has empowered me not only to communicate better, but communicate smarter,” she added.

Independent Filipino artist shows persistent love for his craft

Aaron Silvestre, an independent Filipino artist, exhibits love for his creative passion by relentlessly perfecting it. He takes care of the end-to-end music production of his originals — from writing and composing, to recording, producing.

“I actually have two music projects right now, my band Turn Me on Holly and my solo project Panic Car. Turn Me on Holly came about because I really wanted to start a band and got my friends to come along for the ride. Inspiration is mostly from the idea of growing a bit older and having fun,” shared Silvestre.

While an expert in his craft, Aaron is not a graphic designer and has a limited budget for hiring one. Thankfully, he discovered Canva and has been using it to create marketing materials for social channels, and cover-art of his songs and playlists. “Canva is very easy to use. You can just think of an artwork concept, lay it down, test out different presets and fonts, then customise to make it your own,” shared Silvestre.

#ShareTheLove with Canva
Panic Car’s ‘Midnight Musings’ Single Release art designed on Canva

Now, he also helps fellow independent local artists with their design needs. “I recently helped a friend produce a quick 80s synthwave tune. We created a wacky 80s retro themed artwork for it. We were  able to make it with the use of the gradient presets and illustrations in Canva in a matter of minutes. We had a lot of fun doing it,” he added.

Loving daughter helps parents survive the global crisis

When COVID-19 brought the entertainment industry to a halt last year, most live musicians lost their primary source of income. As the daughter of two musicians, Clarissa Pasamba wanted to do everything she could to help.

Clarissa’s parents started a small food business that sells ready-made meals. She helped launch and promote the business on social media, and used Canva to design their logo, page banners, and timeline posts. She works in an international financial institution but still finds time to manage social media for the family business’ page, Mama Tin’s QC.

Clarissa commented, “When the pandemic started, my parents lost a significant portion of their income. We didn’t want to deplete our emergency funds just to get by, so we came up with a plan to sell ready-to-eat meals. It was challenging at first because we didn’t know where to start. “The online page helped by increasing our awareness and attracting new customers,” Pasamba said.

#ShareTheLove with Canva
Mama Tin’s QC ready-to-eat meals Facebook art card

Freelancer discovers love for creativity and play

Gwyneth Asuncion is an 18-year-old freelancer who at first didn’t know what career to pursue. Canva was instrumental in bringing to light her love for creativity and translating her ideas into visual designs. She discovered her interest in digital marketing and is now very hands-on with her own online business.

“I am the eldest among my siblings, and chose not to go to college, so I can start helping our family early on. It was a difficult decision for me, and it took three years to find out what I really wanted to do with my life,” Asuncion shared. “I realized I had the freedom to learn anything I wanted at my own pace.” she added

She maximized free learning resources online to upskill, and now earns by doing what she loves: creating and designing.

Today she manages a couple of business pages for her clients, where she develops all the content– static posts, stories, and videos. In the future she plans on producing personal content to teach and share everything she has learned in digital marketing.

#ShareTheLove with Canva
Gwyneth’s Air Purifier post during the Miss Universe season

#ShareTheLove with Canva

Love comes in many forms, and there are infinite ways to express it. Whether you want to show your compassion for others, share your gifts to the world, or simply be there for your family, we all have a reason to #ShareTheLove. For more information about Canva, visit  https://www.canva.com/

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