Singlife Philippines Offers Cash for Funeral Costs to Provide Financial Relief In the Most Difficult Time

Singlife Philippines

Singlife Philippines understand the financial burden for people who facing the loss of a loved one. Which is why their new Cash for Funeral Costs plan empowers Filipinos to plan for end-of-life expenses with peace of mind. 

Protecting families from high funeral costs 

Singlife Philippines

Filipinos are family first. They will do everything in their capacity to help alleviate the emotional and financial strain brought on by loss. Likewise, bereaved families would want to give dignified farewells to honor their departed. But funeral expenses can easily hit 6-digits, creating a significant financial strain on families who are already coping with the loss of their loved ones. 

Singlife Philippines’ Cash for Funeral Costs alleviates this burden by providing up to ₱300,000 cash benefit paid to the insured’s beneficiaries with premiums starting at only ₱447/mo. This gives families the flexibility to use

that money to fulfill their loved ones’ final wishes, or use it for any other unexpected end-of-life expenses so they can focus on grieving and remembrance. 

The product was designed with customers in mind. Its key benefits aim to provide as much ease as possible when making funeral arrangements. 

Singlife Philippines

Benefits of Cash for Funeral Costs 

Meaningful Financial Support: Receive up to ₱300,000 in cash to cover funeral expenses. Plans start at only P447/month. 

Yearly Coverage Boost: Your funeral costs plan gets more valuable over time because your coverage increases every year at no additional cost*. This can help you cover possible price increases in funeral arrangements. 

Flexible payment duration: You can choose to pay your monthly installments for 5 or 10 years, and you are covered until 120 years old. 

Be covered in case of disability: In case you get permanently disabled, all your remaining unpaid premiums will be considered paid but you will still keep your coverage intact.

Family Plan: No need to transfer or share plans. With one plan, your spouse or life partner is also covered. We’ll also cover your children for FREE starting in your 2nd year.

Immediate Financial Assistance: Upon confirmation of death, we’ll give your beneficiaries immediate funeral cash assistance for urgent funeral expenses. 

Memorial Care Support: When you pass away, Singlife’s dedicated team will guide your family with arrangements. 

A real-life story of financial protection 

Singlife Philippines

While adding an insurance plan to your budget is an extra expense, it will provide peace of mind and significant financial support in crucial moments. Take, for example, the story of John. He was the sole provider for his senior parents. Tragically, John suddenly passed away in his sleep at the young age of 28. But, because of the insurance policy he got from Singlife, his parents received a benefit of almost ₱1.5 million from his Singlife policy, helping them financially bounce back from their son’s death and grieve their loss without added financial strain. 

John’s insurance plan prepared him and his family for that difficult time, thanks to Singlife Philippines. 

Singlife Philippines and GCash innovate together to provide financial security to Filipinos 

Singlife Philippines and GCash recognize the importance of financial security in every life stage for Filipinos. Even at the end, sending you off with dignity shouldn’t have to push your loved ones into a financial crisis. Death may be unpredictable, but Cash for Funeral Costs puts financial control in your hands and helps you make a choice to financially prepare for this moment and focus on leaving a lasting legacy for your loved ones.

“Singlife deeply understands the Filipino commitment to family and the importance of dignified farewells. Recognizing that funeral costs can significantly add to the emotional burden, we aim to offer financial security at all life stages, ensuring Filipinos have access to funds when most needed. In collaboration with GCash, our Cash for Funeral Costs product empowers Filipinos to save progressively, allowing for seamless preparation for these inevitable expenses. This partnership offers a hassle-free and flexible solution to planning ahead, ensuring every Filipino can approach life’s final moment with dignity, devoid of financial worry, and in a manner that truly honors their loved ones,” says Sherie Ng, Co-founder and Executive Director, Singlife Philippines. 

“GCash aims to provide financial access for ALL through its innovative digital solutions. We believe in working with like-minded partners like Singlife and with their new product, we will be able to help enable more Filipinos to prepare better for the inevitable,” says Winsley Bangit, Vice President and Group Head for New Businesses, GCash. 

A flexible, fuss-free, and fully digital funeral costs product purchase journey 

Cash for Funeral Costs gives customers the opportunity to pick their preferred funeral arrangements, see how much it costs, and get the coverage that’s enough to fulfill those. The easiest part? Customers can complete this process in under 5 minutes via GInsure on GCash! 

Singlife Philippines Offers Cash for Funeral Costs to Provide Financial Relief In the Most Difficult Time
Image: Cash for Funeral Costs’ Purchase Journey 
How To Purchase Cash For Funeral Costs:
1. Open your GCash app
2. Go to GInsure tab
3. Select Cash for Funeral Costs
4. Verify your profile
5. Answer a few questions and provide details for your Cash for Funeral Costs
6. Review and confirm the details of your purchase
7. Pay for the Initial payment
8. Your policy will be issued

Peace of mind for every Filipino 

Life may throw its curveballs, but preparation is always a choice. Choosing to be ready with Cash for Funeral Costs is a gesture of love to those who will carry our stories forward. 

Singlife Philippines’ financial products are designed with the Filipino consumer in mind. They are not just insurance or savings plans; they are tools that Filipinos can use to secure their financial future, achieve their goals, and protect what matters most to them, even beyond life. Whether you’re looking to safeguard your income, save for your child’s education, or protect your family’s well-being after passing, Singlife Philippines has a financial product that can meet your needs.

To learn more about Singlife Philippines, visit www.singlife.com.ph or check out their social media:

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