Teacher Insights: Sun Life Asset Management introduces “Target-Date Mutual Fund” for January 2019

The year 2018 has felt many rollercoaster move in terms of our economic development and status. We had our high inflation rate, more goods, and services prices increases, and more Filipino people are greatly affected by these changes.


On the contrary, there are also positive changes as well on how our economy still pushing to move forward and there’s still a positive sign for it.P_20181203_095358_p-01

How’s that possible?

According to Sun Life Asset Management, these changes in our economy can actually give “short-term pain, and long-term progress” to our country as investors continue to take an interest. The “Build, Build, Build” project of the recent government administration continue to raise more opportunities for more investors and business to rise. It means more employment, more earnings, more progress in the lives of Filipino people.


We have to admit that in the present time, this gives pain to most of us because of the price hike of many primary goods and services. It might be a sign of a weak economy. But for those who are in the investment sectors, these changes actually give a hindsight that leads for greater opportunity to earn more. In layman’s term, this is how they put it:

low market=low units= more affordable units.


Despite the low market, this is still the best time for you to start having an investment plan. Because when the time comes the value of units goes higher, the earnings will go higher as well. Volatility should not be your enemy, it should be your friend. So might as well invest.

What to do now?

Since I already discussed getting an investment, Sun Life Assessment Management will launch the new “Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds” in 2019. This new investment plan from the no. 1 mutual fund company in the Philippines enables an investor to achieve their financial goals according to their desired date.


The Prosperity Achiever fund is the first in the industry that has a “target-date” mutual fund, which seeks to grow assets over a specific period of time, functioning as simple investment solution to help finance life goals. Whether it’s for business, education or retirement goals, this fund tool is suited in according to the target year you want to achieve.


Speaking of target year, “Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds” has 3 options you can choose:

  • Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds 2028 for 10-year investment horizon is suited for young professionals who wants to invest for their future business or assets like car, house, travel, etc.
  • Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds 2038 for 20-year investment horizon is best suited for a young family group who aims to build funds for the college education of their child or build higher assets like house, property, etc.
  • Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds 2048 for 30-year investment horizon is for people who think long-term in terms of saving their hard earned money for their retirement plans or milestone purchases to pass on to their children in the future.

At the onset, these funds are invested in equities or stocks, which can potentially generate high returns. When these funds reach their target date, Sun Life Asset Fund Managers will systematically move the assets of the funds to fixed income securities. Again these funds have no guarantee interest rate because it depends upon the volatility of PSEi. But its still a better investment tool to start than none.

Sun Life Asset Management

Wanna know more? Talk to your all-reliable Sunlife Financial Advisor or visit www.sunlife.com.ph for more updates and insights on how you can start your financial goals. You can also visit their social media sites for easier access.

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