Sun Life Launch Campaign with Stories of Real Life Client-Advisor Partnership

Sun Life

Sun Life testifies how having a partner for life can make make people get right with their finances and in life. As they showcase heartwarming real-life stories of Sun Life Philippines’ advisors and clients for the company’s latest campaign dubbed “Part of Your Life. Partner for Life.”

“The relationship between Sun Life clients and their advisors is special because it’s one that is built on trust over time and shines brightest during life’s significant moments,” Sun Life Chief Marketing and Client Experience Office Gilbert Simpao said.

Sun Life

This is demonstrated in the story of advisor Buena Elizondo-David and her client Alpha Trajeco. It was Buena’s foresight that enabled Alpha to have the funds she needed when she was stricken with cancer. “Being an advisor is not just on the surface. When I talk to clients and guide them in securing an insurance or an investment, I put their needs first,” Buena shared. Her compassion is well appreciated by Alpha, who said, “If not for Buena, I wouldn’t even be here today. She truly is a part of my life.”

Sun Life

The same sentiment was echoed by Katherine “Kay” Barcena. After losing her job at the height of the pandemic, it was her advisor Kristine Leechiu-Tan who guided her in making the right financial decisions, that she was even able to start her own business. “It is during these times that their insurance and investment plans really become a lifesaver to these families,” Kristine mused. Meanwhile, Kay’s experience has her wishing the same for others who are pursuing their financial goals. “Just like me, I hope everyone finds a partner for life,” she said.

Sun Life

The stories of Alpha, Buena, Kay, and Kristine will surely inspire those who will catch it on Sun Life’s Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/sunlifeph) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/sunlifeph) starting July 24, 2021.

Such kind of relationships are what makes Sun Life advisors come highly recommended. “We take great pride in having the best advisors in the industry who not only demonstrate integrity and care for our clients but also strive to be partners in their journey towards lifetime of financial security,” Simpao said.

Sun Life

Meanwhile, to further highlight the value of having a financial advisor, Sun Life will be complementing the stories with various activations, including: an escape room dubbed “Escape to the Future”; webinars featuring top financial coach Chinkee Tan; and virtual events featuring the company’s brand ambassadors. Details will be announced on Sun Life’s social media pages.

“We hope this campaign will encourage more Filipinos to find that partner who will help them achieve their financial goals throughout their lifetime,” Simpao said. “Sun Life and its financial advisors are always here to help.”

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