Teacher Beauty Finds: Natural and Healthy Beauty with NUSkin Care Range

“How well is your skin?” The common question most people will tell us. Now our fast-paced generation will promote more beauty products to remind us to not just take care of our skin but to stay beautiful every day. Ironically, because of some “sugar-coated” promotions of those products, we tend to neglect the ingredients and its side effects. Regardless of what products you choose, always keep in mind that more than just having a smooth and fair skin, we need to have it healthy and full of nutrients as well.

It’s in a certain meeting where I was introduced to “NUSkin Care” and I tried some of their products during my pampering session. But before I shared my experience about their skincare products, let’s talk about what NUSkin is.


NUSkin (Nutrition for the skin) is not usually known to many Filipinos. But as a US-Based Enterprise, this Multilevel Marketing Company is a direct-selling company that distributes premium quality anti-aging products in both personal care and nutrition management/dietary supplements (under the Pharmanex brand); following the tagline “all of the good, none of the bad.” Now with its nearly 3 decades of innovation and discovering new patents, NUSkin has unlocked the science behind the secret to look and feel young inside and out.

My NUSkin Experience

“If you don’t know the product, its either you avoid it or take chances to know what it is.” That’s most of my thoughts in dealing with new products like NUSkin.


I started with the “no–rinse” cleanser and toner. The toner is good for busy ladies who wants to clean their faces in a hurry. Using its foam cleanser using a wet or dried tissue, it can easily erase the impurities of my face and leaves it smooth and clean.

With the face masks, I asked to apply both of their facial masks, “NUSkin Face Lift Mask” and “Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Mask” on each side of my face. As the mask stays, I can feel how it tightens the wrinkles in my eyes and traps all of my blackheads and whiteheads in my nose. In less than an hour, it dramatically leaves my skin refreshed and firm. The mud cleanses my pores, removed most of the dirt of my skin while the facelift tightens and firm the wrinkles of my eye and chin area.




More than just the facial care, the distributors explained the features of their products. From their body soaps to their lotions, these are the things I found interesting with their products:

1. All products are made of natural ingredients.


From their tagline “all of the good, none of the bad,” NUSkincare and dietary supplement products are made with all natural ingredients without chemicals and preservatives to ensure quality skin care. Unlike the commercialized beauty products in the market today, these skincare lines will ensure greater results in whatever skin type you’re in.



2. Each beauty products cost in a reasonable price


Because the amount of the product per application is minimal, you can be sure that every product will last longer in accordance with your application. And it can only mean one thing: affordability. This is the daily skincare set recommended for oily skin then highlight 6 months and 30 days.

Facewash- 1,130.00PHP
Toner- 1,090.00PHP
Napca mist- 870.00PHP
3,060.00PHP/6X30= 17.00PHP per day

3. The products are best recommended based on your body condition/skin type

At their dietary and nutritional management range, they first do a “Bioscan” in your face and determine the “Skin Carotenoid Score” of your body to see its health state. In my result, I realized how unhealthy is my body. And because of these tests and observations, it’s easier to recommend a skin care and a nutrition plan that suits me.

So overall, I felt good with the result of the papering treatment. It also opened a realization for me that I will never know how much dirt and impurities does my body has until it was cleansed and revived by NU Skin Care and Nutrition Management.

For more updates about their products and process on how to become a distributor, just visit their website and talk to one of their experts and professional Mr. Skincare Expert.
contact #09989893407
email: mrskincareexpert888@gmail.com

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