Teacher Beauty Finds: Stay Summer Strong with Pantene Limited Edition: Pantene UV Rescue

I love being in the sun. Yes it might be cliche to say that because of my fair skin and chinita looks. But being in the summer heat is the perfect time to enjoy the country’s beautiful beaches, snorkel in its inviting waters, or go for a dive into a deep blue pool.

Unfortunately, despite all the fun that the season brings, it can spell trouble for your hair. The intense heat from the sun can damages your hair, leaving it brittle and dry. The heat from the sun during summer season comes to its peak, with the Solar UV index regularly rising above average, especially in a tropical country like the Philippines. UV rays dehydrate the hair and break down its essential protein. If you go swimming, salt in beach waters as well as chlorine in swimming pools can cause further damage on your hair. We protect our skin from the UV, yet usually not our hair despite it being 3x more vulnerable to sun damage.


The NEW Limited Edition Pantene UV Rescue Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle conditioner has been a  best hair companion to keep my Summer Strong with Hair Stronger Than The Sun! Few weeks of using it makes my hair so smooth and protected even at the scorching heat of the sun.


This Limited Edition bundle from Pantene  can protect your hair from the sun, chlorine from swimming pool, and salt from beach water—elements that can severely damage your hair especially during the hottest season of the year. It also comes in a new and sunny packaging design inspired by the song, “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.” You can keep your hair healthy and strong this summer with a shampoo and conditioner that is just as trendy as you!


During the launch, we met some or the Cool and Awesome Pantene Ambassadors that glam UP the event. Gabbi Garcia and Jasmin Curtis-Smith, celebrities who loves adventure and loves to be in the beach, confidently share how Pantene become their summer companion to their on-the-go activities. That makes them rock every activities and still be strong beautiful.

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How does Pantene UV Rescue work on your hair?

To address these summer hair aggressors, Pantene UV Rescue offers a three-phased approach to prepare your hair BEFORE contact with sun and heat stressors, shield damage DURING contact, and then repair, replenish and rehydrate hair AFTER sun exposure and contact with salt or chlorinated water.


Pantene UV Rescue shampoo with its Pro-V formula gives hair protection from root to tip. It provides optimum care that goes deep within the core of your hair, giving it the antioxidants and the hydration it needs for each strand to be strong. It is perfect with the Pantene UV Rescue 3 Minute Miracle conditioner that can repair 3 months’ worth of hair damage and infused with the power of an ampoule that can add further hydration to your hair and instantly boost its smoothness and shine. Pantene UV Rescue 3 Minute Miracle gives your hair deeper long-lasting moisture that is lightweight and without the greasy feel you hate. We recommend to use Pantene UV Rescue 3 Minute Miracle before swimming and after. Before swim application creates a layer of protection before the hair gets in contact with salt water or chlorine, keeping hair moisturized and smooth contrary to the sticky, dry and damaged feel we get after a long day of swimming under the sun. Then of course, after swim use provides deep moisture and repair.

Purchase Pantene UV Rescue shampoo in 12ml for 5 PHP, and 170ml, 340ml and 480ml for 115 PHP, 206 PHP and 285 PHP at lazada.com.ph/pantene.


Purchase Pantene UV Rescue 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner in 9ml for 5 PHP, and 180ml and 340ml for 159 PHP, and 259 PHP at lazada.com.ph/pantene.

For more information about Pantene UV Rescue, visit www.pantene.com.ph and follow Pantene Philippines (@panteneph) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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