Teacher Eats: Summer Eat-out at CaliBurger’s New Summer Treats ( With The Review)

Teacher Eats: Summer Eat-out at CaliBurger's New Summer Treats ( With The Review)

A Golden state of mind, and an endless summer—that’s the CaliFresh vibe that CaliBurger gives off.  CaliBurger brings the highest quality, made to order burgers and only use pure, fresh, and simple ingredients that are “Always Fresh”.

Ever since CaliBurger opened its doors last February 2014, it has brought together the California lifestyle under one roof: great food, great service, trendiest design, art, and music. CaliBurger has also already shared its amazing burgers to different parts of the world: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Kuwait, Dubai, Philippines, and soon also in Kuala Lumpur, Washington DC, and Canada!

MilkshakeNow that summer is here, CaliBurger is celebrating it with new and delicious additions to their menu:

  • 7 New AmazingMilkshake Flavors
  • Spicy “Chipotle BBQ Chicken Sandwich”, and
  • Healthy “Cali Chicken Sandwich” with Avocado sauce!

In addition to CaliBurger’s classic milkshake flavors (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry), there are 7 Amazing New Milkshake flavors that all the boys (and girls) in the yard are starting to talk about.  This summer, you can now cool down the heat and enjoy CaliBurger’s refreshing new milkshakes: Tutti Frutti, Bubblegum, Butterscotch, Coffee, Mixed Berries, Blueberry, and Rootbeer. All of CaliBurger’s milkshakes are hand-spun and made with real rich creamy ice cream and fresh milk! (Price: Php175)

Another new addition to CaliBurger’s menu this year is the spicy Chipotle BBQ Chicken Sandwich.  Made with JUICY and TENDER lemon & herb marinated chicken breast, GARDEN FRESH red plump tomatoes, CRISPY bacon, TANGY pickles, sliced onion, and their house-made SPICY chipotle BBQ sauce, this hot new concoction by CaliBurger is sure to bring more heat this summer! (Price: Php 215 a la carte; Php295 meal with fries and drinks)


Last but not the least, what better way to start summer than with the newest and healthy addition to their menu, the CALI CHICKEN SANDWICH!  Made with grilled succulent CHICKEN breast, garden fresh vegetables, and mixed with their special AVOCADO sauce, this dish is simply delicious! (Price: Php 185 a la carte; Php265 meal with fries and drinks)

Cali Chicken Sandwich

Driven by the commitment to provide the best, most attentive and friendly customer service and engagement, CaliBurger has been taking technology at the helm, creating activities such as Cali Trivia Nights, Xbox Kinect interactive play, live NBA viewings, LIVE viewing parties like the “Pacquiao vs Mayweather” fight this May 3rd, as well as private party packages at Century City Mall. Many things are also in the pipeline such as new menu items that are worth breaking that diet for.


My experience eating at CaliBurger was pretty nice. I like the wide ambiance of the resto and the theme design was summer inspired. Their “Century City Mall” branch even has a Xbox live player for the kids to enjoy.




The Food served to me a bit warm and complete with condiments. The fries taste fine. Not oily nor sluggish compared to some massive Fastfood chain. It has a right crunch that makes it give a “home-made” vibe.


The “Cali Chicken Sandwich” with avocado sauce taste fine for the kids. But for the adults like me, it’s a bit less flavorful for a chicken burger. The chicken meat was a bit dry to chew but not dull in taste. I like the freshness of the veggies and it compliments the taste of the Chicken Burger.


he “Chipotle BBQ Chicken Sandwich” on the other hand, has indeed a spicy kick in it. It has a rich spicy chipotle BBQ sauce that’s not hurtful to chew in my mouth. The spice tasted just right and it doesn’t give any bad side effects on my mouth afterward.


For the Milkshakes, I chose the Mixed Berries flavor and it taste really really good. It doesn’t have an airy feel in my mouth that makes it rich and creamy. And since I love milkshakes, this one really becomes my favorite.

The price of their combos is a bit pricey for a budget conscious like me but its a good place to go after spending your time wandering around outside. They also have “Free WiFi Access” which is cool for those who want to surf the net while munching.



To know more about CaliBurger and their offerings, you can visit the stores located at 118 Timog Ave., Quezon City or 4F Century City Mall, Makati City.

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