Teacher Insights: Doctors from Metro Manila and Luzon champion immunization

Teacher Insights: Doctors from Metro Manila and Luzon champion immunization

Physician-members of the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) from Metro Manila and provinces in Luzon today gathered to participate in a forum aimed at restoring Filipinos’ trust and confidence on vaccination.

The “Forum on Vaccination and its Impact on Public Health” is being held at the PMA Auditorium in Quezon City and organized by the PMA, Philippine Foundation for Vaccination (PFV), Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations (PAPO), and the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Association of the Philippines (PHAP).

The forum aims to support efforts of the Department of Health (DOH) to address the measles outbreak in Metro Manila and several regions in Luzon and Visayas, as well as help restore public trust and confidence in vaccination. A vaccination forum for physicians from Visayas and Mindanao will also be held during the PMA Annual Convention and Scientific Meetings in Davao City on May 15, 2019.

Teacher Insights: Doctors from Metro Manila and Luzon champion immunization

“We support the Department of Health (DOH) in its campaign to restore public trust and confidence in vaccines and increase the country’ immunization coverage. This timely forum seeks to enhance Filipino doctors’ knowledge on the value, science and safety of vaccination,” said PMA Vice President Dr. Benito P. Atienza.

“No child should die from vaccine-preventable diseases. It is unthinkable for any children to suffer from these diseases that are, in the first place, preventable. We believe that everyone, young and adult, alike should be given the equal chance of being protected from these diseases that threaten to take away their future,” said PFV Executive Director Dr. Lulu Bravo.

“As one of the umbrella organizations of patient groups in the country, PAPO fully supports the multi-stakeholder coalition working to increase the country’s immunization coverage and enhance vaccine confidence among Filipinos. We believe that it is every patient’s right to be protected from these vaccine-preventable diseases,” said PAPO President Ms. Fatima Garcia-Lorenzo.

Teacher Insights: Doctors from Metro Manila and Luzon champion immunization

“Vaccines have saved countless lives and prevent an estimated 2.5 million deaths worldwide each year. PHAP is privileged to support the DOH, PMA, PFV and PAPO in their efforts to restore trust and confidence in vaccination,” said PHAP Executive Director Mr. Teodoro B. Padilla.

The country’s leading infectious disease experts will serve as resource speakers during the forum. In her talk on “Explaining Vaccination to Patients, Families and Health Workers”, Dr. Bravo will highlight the public health importance and socio-economic benefits of vaccination, provide an overview of vaccine-preventable diseases, discuss the consequences of non-vaccination, and address potential questions from patients and fellow health workers.

In her lecture on “The Science and Journey of Vaccines”, Pediatric Infectious Disease Society of the Philippines (PIDSP) President Dr. Anna Lisa Ong-Lim will discuss how vaccines work to prevent infectious diseases, and the complex vaccine research and development process.

Dr. Salvacion Gatchalian, President of the Philippine Pediatric Society (PPS), will speak on “Vaccine Safety” to help doctors address patient concerns on possible adverse reactions and how these are managed. This is important to ensure public trust in vaccine safety and vaccination programs.

Teacher Insights: Doctors from Metro Manila and Luzon champion immunization

In her talk on “Get Vaccinated”, PFV Immediate Past President Dr. May Montellano will help doctors answer questions on who should be vaccinated, when should one be vaccinated, and where to get vaccinated.

At the end of the forum, Dr. Atienza will lead forum participants in making the PMA Commitment to champion vaccination and for doctors to serve as resource persons in their respective communities.

The forum will also feature children from the Ladislao Diwa Elementary School in Cavite City, who will deliver the poems written by Grade 9 students from the Taysan National High School in Batangas.  The Cavite Bulilit & Teen Health Workers will also display some of their paintings depicting the value of vaccination.

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