Teacher Insights: Get your awesome #GadgetForYourBudget at Samwon Appliances, Mickel and X12

As a typical girl in their 20’s, having companion at home is a must especially if you’re the one who’s doing all the house chores. I am a confessed “Part-time House Maid” in my own family. Since I’d been doing a lot of laundry, cleaning, and cooking for the family, good quality, convenience and affordability is my “standard points” when it comes to buying appliances and gadgets. Not just at home but also for my own personal hobbies.

It was March 25 at the very cool resto bar in Jill’s, The Fort Strip BGC, when I got the privilege to be part of the re-launched of an home entertainment brand and car accessories products named “Samwon, Mickel and X12”.

Samwon is a wholesaler and distributor of quality home car, car, and professional audio / video systems such as TV’s, speakers, amplifiers, mixers, stereos, components and all related accessories. These gadgets (from what I learned) really suits my “standard points” in choosing an appliances because of these “teacher points”:


I’m an obsessed music lover. I can’t move (literally) in a very good way without my music playlist with me while doing my house chores at home or just about anything. When they introduced the “Dreamwave Bluetooth Speakers“, it really caught my attention. This is the one that I can use during my “laundry sessions” since it is waterproof, I can bring it without worrying about water damage. It is also Bluetooth-connected, so I don’t need to use my earphones and cellphones to get near in my pocket while jamming with my favorite playlist.

Dreamwave Bluetooth Speakers

Dreamwave Bluetooth Speakers

Water damage ruin your device? no problem with this one!

Water damage ruin your device? no problem with this one!

With the variety of “Power Mixer” that they had, It’s easy for our church band to produce good music with our microphones and instruments. The Mixers that they have has a good quality of different sound settings and the bigger one has “program button” already so that mixing different sounds is not a hassle anymore.


Get your "Powered Mixer" here at Mickel and  X12

Get your “Powered Mixer” here at Mickel and X12


You name it, they have it. From car accessories to home entertainment appliances, you can be sure that Samwon, Mickel and X12 has everything you need for anything “electronics and gadgets” (especially their Powerbank since its already a necessary for my generation hehe 😛 ).





You don’t need to have those expensive brands to assure good quality. The “Dreamwave Bluetooth Speakers” that I’ve mentioned was only Php1,999 pesos (SRP or Suggested Retail Price). A gadget that’s part on my “wish list” (especially the powerbank because I really need it!!!). You can also have their gadgets for a very reasonable price that’s not gonna kill your wallets and expectations. Now talk about #GadgetForYourBudget.

You can order your Samwon Appliances, Mickel and X12 of your choice at different online shopping stores now like Lazada, OLX etc. For more information about Samwon, you may visit their website at http://samwon.ph/ and Like their Facebook page a thttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Samwon-Appliances/1387210781524398.

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