Teacher Insights: How to Choose the Safest Street Helmet

Teacher Insights: How to Choose the Safest Street Helmet

In a motorcycle crash, the helmet you’re wearing can make the difference between saving your life and preventing a major injury and death. For maximum safety, go with the full face helmet. It will protect your facial features and your head in the event of an accident. When you’re shopping for street motorcycle helmets, here are a few things you should know.

Motorcycle Helmet Standards

Safety standards for helmets can be confusing. There are different types of requirements, from private corporations, federal government and even international standards. However, the safety rating is very important. Here are a few of the basics:

Snell Memorial Foundation – a private organization that goes above and beyond testing safety for helmets. Some believe the ratings are too rigid, but the standards for a Snell rating are quite high. Snell tests helmets sent to them. They don’t manufacture helmets themselves.
Department of Transportation – DOT regulations specify minimum standards that helmets must meet. Manufacturers test these helmets in their own labs to make sure that they meet the criteria.
European standards – although this standard is similar to Snell and DOT, the helmet may be slightly less rigid than under Snell. A softer material can absorb impacts differently than a harder helmet.

Look for Fit

Teacher Insights: How to Choose the Safest Street Helmet

While you may be thinking about matching your helmet and motorcycle jackets, the more important thing is how the helmet fits on your head. Try on a few helmets to check for fit. You should also try on different sizes within each manufacturer. You should not have any gaps at the top, side or back of the head when wearing a helmet. It should not be tight. Two fingers should fit between the chin strap and the head. Wear the helmet a few minutes to check for fit.

Shop for high-quality street helmets and find the gear that make your time on your motorcycle safer and more fun.

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