Teacher’s Insights: Feel the Basketball Vibe in your Smartphone with Barangay 143: Street League

Synergy88 Digital Inc., has set to showcase and launch one of its newest mobile game application that will set the Filipino vibe on fire in gaming industry. This mobile game is inspired from Filipinos obsession to their favorite sport: Basketball.  


 Barangay 143: Street League is an e-gaming app that allows people in all ages play basketball by means of collecting as many shoot points as they can. It also follows the story of how a young and inexperienced basketball hopeful named Joaquin “Wax”  Rivera as he takes his first step into basketball greatness. In the game, he will be challenge by hardcore ballers as he tries to climb up the leagues.  The game’s simple yet challenging touch mechanics allows the player to be engaged in a skill battle against other league aspirants.


In each challenges, they will have the opportunity to upgrade their rank from beginners to basketball pro. The medals are the basis for ranking or progress in each division. This helps them feel the rush of keeping their goals.W omen would also like this game because there is also a female character or player that Wax can encounter in the first few stages of the game. So you will see this game as a equalizer for all gender.  


The theme of the game is not purely Pinoy made because some parts are made from Japan to get that authentic anime feel for Filipinos. The target market are basketball players, basketball fans, basketball aspirants who wants to be expert in shooting (even if its on mobile) and anime fans. It is free to download in Google play store and will be available to iOs users soon. Although the app is for free, some items inside the game are not for free and that’s ok.


Future plans of Synergy 88 Digital includes placing more story, more characters and web comics. Rewards in the app might also be available in the future in the form of load and merchandise items. They also plan to conduct a competition in which worth P1 million prizes are to be given away. To stay  updated on the latest updates about the games, like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/synergy88/ and follow us on Instagram: @synergy88digital


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