Teacher’s Insights: Mober App launched to help move lives of Filipinos

It’s so traffic in the Philippines, you don’t want to put your auto in EDSA just to waste time and gas. And it’s seems like it will be worst. For some cases like moving stuff (logistic to be specific), it is a “no-choice situation” for many of us. These moving trucks and vans often cause traffic in major roads,and somehow we cannot blame them. Just last year, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) saw delivery vehicles for goods reach a high of 143,966 units. According to the data, the sector now makes up 15% of the total motor vehicle count.

These additional vans and trucks add to the already infamously heavy traffic in Metro Manila. With this growth, moving around certainly becomes more difficult and tiresome. This should not be our road story and good thing that Mober Technology moves forward a solution.

Getting on the move


The promising Filipino tech startup believes that reducing the growth of new vehicle ownership can help ease the traffic on the streets. They want to do this by activating underutilized vans and trucks, hopefully leading to lighter traffic and lesser air pollution.

Mober Technology seeks to improve the lives of Filipinos by moving truck and van owners to use their vehicles in providing streamlined delivery services for business and companies. With this initiative, the company developed Mober, a smartphone app that lets users book vans and make deliveries on demand. This makes them the first and the only Filipino tech startup that provides logistic services.


Moving lives forward

Mober Technology notes that aside from making a positive contribution to the traffic situation, Mober also lets them help Filipino drivers. Through the app, the company offered out-of-line or colorum drivers a legal and more stable source of income.


Even their van partners are glad to have an alternative above-board source of income. “I’m happy because I’m earning as much as someone in the corporate sector,” says Jonathan Gabson, a Mober Van Partner and the only recipient so far of the Mober Man award.

The Mober Man award is given to drivers who reached 100 delivery bookings in a single month. Gabson adds, “It’s worth it. With the demand, I can earn up to P80,000 in a month.”


Mober Technology believes that they are moving towards a better future for the Filipinos. Through Mober, they are able to help the society move forward while also moving lives of Filipino van and truck drivers.


Piolo Pascual, the ambassador and Mober partner aims to bring awareness and spread the word on how Mober Technology can help Filipino drivers create an good impact to the community.  


So more just moving services, it’s about compassion and love to help out the community. You can download the Mober app in your Android Smartphone and iOs apple store. For more details about Mober, you can visit their website http://mober.delivery/web/ and facebook page www.facebook.com/moberph/.

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