Teacher’s Insights: Philippine Fireworks Association Clarifies “No Firework Ban” this New Year’s Eve

Who wants to see color in the night sky this New Year’s Eve? Sadly you will not be to see it for this year (not unless you go to establishments like SM Malls to amazingly feast your eyes with.)But Philippine Fireworks Association wants to clarifies that there is no “Firework Ban” with accordance with President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s Executive order 28.


During the press launch at the legendary Kamuning Bakery and Cafe, the Dragon Fireworks Incorporates, together with the Municipality of San Rafael, Bulacan is appealing to the local governments for not to “totally ban” all pyrotechnics during the holiday season, especially for welcoming the new year. They wish to not restrick or discourage these age-old tradition of using pyrotechnics for celebrations, because this is the safer legal alternative to firecrakers. This was their response with the number of firecrackers incidents in the Philippines and the environment issues that comes with it.

To educate you a little, let me clarify that “firework” is both “firecracker,” which its main effect is sound and “pyrotechnics,” which main effect is light. So primary, not all fireworks are “explosive” and “dangerous.”

Because of this stigma, the livelihood of many Filipinos are in jeopardy, not knowing where they will get their finances to sustain their family. And as of this moment, this is the battle-cry of the Philippine Fireworks Association; to clarify and spread awareness of the misinformation adversely and unfairly news that affecting the whole industry of the local Philippine-made pyrotechnics and fireworks. 


In effect, the association warns that any moves by local government for a total ban of fireworks will just make public safety worst, because it will encourage unregulated small-scale and secret backyard producers to sell illegal firecrackers and it shall encourage unregulated smuggling of imported fireworks with dubious or inconsistent quality. It will take its toll on the economy and slowly lose the domestic fireworks manufacturing industry which provides livelihoods, generates taxes, and supports the Philippine economy and has export potentials. 

For this season, they thankful to President Duterte for giving fairness towards the local Philippine-made pyrotechnics and fireworks industry, which is mainly but not only limited to Bulacan province, that’s why Executive Order No.28 is clear about allowing Pyrotechnics and encourages people to shift from fireworks to pyrotechnics. As for the Philippine Fireworks Association, they are finding ways to make the Philippines not lose this industry that’s cultivating the old-age tradition and make the country top of the pyrotechnics competitions.

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