Twitter Spearheads talk on #WorldSuicidePreventionDay via a Effective 280-character panel discussion


Twitter enables people to find a community that embraces and supports them on their journey by getting the word out about it, extending help in any way they can, and fighting the stigma attached to mental health.

In light of this year’s observance of World Suicide Prevention Day or #WSPD2020, Twitter will gather several advocacy groups and organizations in the Philippines in an exclusive virtual 280-character panel discussion. The panelists will discuss the issue on suicide-prevention, mental health, and share their professional insights on Twitter this coming Friday, September 11 at 4-5pm.


Moderating the discussion will be mental health advocate and #HealthXPh co-founder Gia Sison (@giasison). The panelists tapped for the discussion will be MentalHealth PH (@mentalhealthph), Silakbo PH (@SilakboPH), NCMH Crisis Hotline (@ncmhhotline), and the World Health Organization Philippines (@WHOPhilippines).

Twitter Making Social Media Healthier

Using Twitter’s new conversation settings, tagged accounts aka the panelists, will be able to exchange insights by replying on each other’s Tweets. Stay tuned as Filipinos on Twitter will also have the opportunity to ask questions by Tweeting it along with the hashtag #MayKaramayKa, which will be answered during the 280-character panel discussion on Twitter. A special emoji will also appear along the hashtags #WorldSuicidePreventionDay, #SuicidePrevention, #WSPD2020, #WSPD, and #MayKaramayKa.

Twitter believes that people should have access and receive support when they need it most. Launched last year, the #ThereIsHelp notification service provides valuable mental health resources to vulnerable people and encourages them to seek professional help.


If you or someone you know is struggling or is facing difficult times, please know that there is help. Reach out to #MentalHealthPH + hotline numbers 0917 899 USAP (8727) or Crisis Line by In-touch: (02) 8893 7603.

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