AirConsole Leveling-Up Excellent Stay-At-Home Family Bonding With Casual Gaming


AirConsole allows every family to level up their bonding moments with its no-frills gaming set up for all ages, providing its users fun casual gaming without breaking the bank. Especially this season where families are look for more ways to make the most of their stay-at-home time.

With AirConsole, users can experience cross-platform gaming by simply using a smartphone as its gamepad and computer web browsers, Android TVs, or tablets as the main screen, making it more affordable than traditional gaming setups.   


AirConsole has a vast selection of fun multiplayer games of different genres, including quizzes, sports, racing, strategy, cards, classic arcade, and party games, with over 160 titles to choose from—perfect for the whole family, from siblings, moms, dads, even lolos, and lolas.    

Enjoy bonding with the whole family with its mini games, such as “The Neighborhood,” a fun slingshot battle between two groups to destroy one’s home for victory, and “Fling to the Finish,” an obstacle-filled game that requires teamwork to overcome the other team while tethered to one another. 


“In AirConsole, we take this gaming experience to a whole new social dimension by enabling people to collaborate or challenge each other and therefore experience stronger social bonds and emotions in a collective setting,” Anthony Cliquot, Chief Operating Officer of AirConsole said.

Feel the rush with its adrenaline-pumping racing games, including its fun go-kart racing game “GoKartGo! Air!” and combat car racing title “Burnin’ Rubber 5 Air.” Meanwhile, sports lovers among family members can bring out their competitive side while staying at home with its array of sports games perfect for the Olympic season, such as its track-and-field game “Smoots Summer Games,” minigolf extravaganza in “Golfriends,” and its online arcade soccer battle “Golazo!” 


A test of mind skills comes with its interactive quiz games “Trivia & User Quiz,” “QuizWitz,” “Can’t Believe It’s…,” among others, while creative ones can engage in artsy games “fARTwork,” and “Drawing Evolution.”

All of these games, unique in-game content, and more premium features to level-up stay-at-home bonding with the family await AirConsole users via SKY. Just download and subscribe to the official AirConsole app to begin playing. 

AirConsole’s advantage over other casual games is its accessibility. “Players can play together on AirConsole without buying any additional hardware. All you need is a SKY TV box and the smartphones that you already have,” Rafael Morgan, Head of Publishing at AirConsole said. 


Plus, with a SKY Fiber subscription, not only could games be played seamlessly online, but access to its AirConsole Hero plan is also free for six months, which is worth P249 a month for non-SKY subscribers.  

“With their access to AirConsole, families can savor leveled-up bonding moments without digging deep into their budget, especially during this time when many look for ways to cope with the orders to stay at home,” Alan Supnet, Head of SKY Broadband Products said.   

For more information on how you can get this free subscription, visit www.mysky.com.ph/fiberfreemiums.

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