Culture Blends’ FIRST and ONLY 2-in-1 & 3-in-1 Coffee in a Bag at Shopee Brand Spotlight

Culture Blends

Culture Blends has been giving us coffee selections that can make us fall in love with coffee wherever we are. And even during the pandemic, they can still take us a trip around the world with just a daily cup of coffee!

This summer, you can have more reasons to fall in love with your coffee, and #SkipTheBrew with NEW Culture Blends newest Coffee Bags, the FIRST and ONLY 2-in-1 & 3-in-1 coffee in a bag, in the Philippines! The best part: you can enjoy it while you can on Shopee’s Brand Spotlight!  

So what’s with this new coffee bag? The coffee selection from Culture Blend aims to skip the brew and make the coffee time a tad more exciting for all coffee lovers. Knowing the fast-paced of our everyday life, we know that coffee lovers still love to have their freshly-brewed coffee. Good thing Culture Blend made it easy for us to have that delightful aroma and taste of morning coffee to brighten up our day, without the hassle of grinding and expensive coffee machines.  

Culture Blends

Here are the varieties of Culture Blends you can add-to-cart today at Shopee: 

1. Culture Blends English Creamy 3in1 in Steeped Single-Serve Bag

Have that London feels with Culture Blends English Creamy 3-in-1, and experience coffee in true English fashion and a unique blend of instant brewed coffee, cream, and sugar!

Culture Blends

2. Culture Blends English Style Roast 2in1 in Steeped Single-Serve Bag 

Be passionately in love with London and feel the intense black coffee, minus the brewing with Culture Blends English Style Roast 2-in-1. This blend will surely wake all your senses every morning. Plus, you can bring this aroma wherever you go with their convenient sachet sizes. 

3. Culture Blends English Creamy & Culture Blends English Style Roast

Tea lovers will surely love having their coffee steeped. Culture Blends English Creamy & Culture Blends English Style Roast is here to steep your way to a fresh quality black coffee! And with its sachet size, it is easy to have your freshly-steeped coffee wherever you go; have it your way!

Other than this new UK flavor, you can still enjoy the other Culture Blend around the world flavors that will make your day special and fun:

Culture Blends

Now it’s time to skip the brew with Culture Blends and enjoy a taste of London, only at Shopee’s Brand Spotlight! You can visit the Official Culture Blends and enjoy the perks and discounts waiting for you. Check out the Shopee Brand Spotlight and don’t forget to download the Shopee app on your Google Play or Apple store. 

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