DITO Telecommunity in Offering 25% Discount at Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day

DITO Telecommunity

DITO Telecommunity has become one of the game-changer in providing high-speed internet connections to the public ever since its commercial launch last March.

Formerly known as Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company, Inc., or Mislatel), DITO response to the stakeholders’ question on where they can set up a firm that would provide a “world-class service” to people as the newest major telecommunications provider in the Philippines. 

Especially this pandemic season, we can’t deny the fact that our internet dependency nowadays has greatly increased. With limited opportunities to go out, we rely on digital connectivity for most of our day-to-day interactions such as work, school, social activities, shopping, entertainment, and so much more. 

DITO Telecommunity

With that, to keep up with daily tasks, DITO’s 25GB high-speed data is giving us the better access we need for a strong and reliable data service. This will help us nurture our relationships and pursue life’s passions in today’s online-driven world. 

DITO Telecommunity

DITO Telecommunity’s 25GB high-speed data is a deal for keeps 30 days, which enables us to move at the speed of life! For only 199, you can experience DITO’s next-gen technology and have access to 30 days of high-speed data, PLUS the perks of the following benefits: 

  • 25GB High-Speed Data 
  • Unlimited Texts to all mobile networks 
  • Unlimited DITO-to-DITO Calls 
  • 300 mins of calls to other mobile networks

You can visit the DITO official Shopee page and get up to 25% of awesome discounts and perks for this Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day. It’s time to change your internet connection and turn it into a more high-speed and reliable DITO! Download the Shopee app on Google Play or Apple store and happy 9.9 shopping! 

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