Head Cold this Season? Treat it with Sinutab

Head Cold

Head Cold can be treated with Sinutab Cold Plus with Triple Power Formula & Sinutab Cold, a no-drowse variant, available in drugstores nationwide.

As common as cold symptoms are, we should not ignore this as it poses a potential burden on how we go about our daily lives. With its 3 key symptoms of runny nose, nasal congestion/sinus pain, and headache (otherwise known as a Head Cold), it contributes to reducing productivity during the day & potentially taking rest and sleep away from us at night.

To best address this, Dr. Mike Sarte, a medical doctor specializing in Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT), discussed best practices for dealing with its symptoms at the Watsons Pharmacist Summit held recently. In attendance were 2000+ Pharmacists who learned the benefits of treating a Head Cold with the all-new Sinutab Cold Plus with Triple Power Formula. 

Head Cold

Dr. Sarte talked about the 3 active ingredients found in Sinutab Cold Plus—Phenylephrine HCl, Chlorpheniramine maleate, and Paracetamol—which can treat the symptoms of a Head Cold easily and enable them to stay productive during the day and affords them restful sleep at night. He also emphasized that 90% of patients experience affected breathing due to nasal congestion & that treating it with a product like Sinutab at the onset is best. 

“Baradong ilong, sakit ng ulo [at] runny nose—yan ang common [symptoms] and na-highlight talaga during the pandemic. So those symptoms of a Head Cold & [ang focus niyan ay] sa sinus natin,” said Dr. Mike Sarte, ENT. 

“Never let any kind of Head Cold stop you from doing what you love, Sinutab is here to address these needs,” said Chili Perez, Senior Brand Manager for J&J Philippines, Inc. 

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