Mapúa University Advances Strong S&T Collabs through Asian Science Deans Forum 2024

Mapúa University

Mapúa University has led the charge again in boosting science and technology (S&T) in the Philippines by hosting this year’s Asian Science Deans Forum (ASDF 2024) from July 8 to 12, 2024. This year’s forum to be held at Ramada Hotel Manila Central has a theme “Fostering Collaboration in Science and Technology for Sustainability”.

A panel of distinguished international experts and speakers will lead discussions on climate and gender issues, internationalization in education for sustainable development, health research and ethics, environmental science, renewable energy, digital transformation, responsible consumption and production, and the crossroads of science in business and human health.

Mapúa University

The conference will also include the participation of students and researchers who will share their ideas that may address pressing socio-economic and environmental sustainability concerns.  

“The Asian Science Deans Forum 2024 (formerly called Asian Science Deans Summit) is a platform for research collaboration, academic networking, and potential engagement where deans and professors can discuss contemporary issues, concerns, and challenges to attain sustainable development. ASDF 2024 is also a venue where industry players can search for talents who can contribute to solving the challenges they encountered in their respective business environment,” said Dr. Delia Senoro, director of Mapúa University’s Office of International Linkages for Research and Development (ILRAD).

Dr. Senoro further explained that the forum will also enable industry leaders and companies to promote their products and technologies in hopes of providing solutions to the challenges identified by scientific communities. 

Mapúa University

The ASDF is an annual forum that gathers credentialed educators, including deans, deputy deans, associate deans, directors, administrators, professors, as well as researchers, industry experts, and students to create more opportunities for S&T initiatives and stronger education linkages around the globe. 

An estimated 200 participants representing universities, research institutions, and industry segments from various Asian countries are expected to attend this year. 

Aside from knowledge sharing, ASDF 2024 organizer Mapúa University also aims to solidify the Asian region’s network of S&T educators, experts, and knowledge providers by producing

a comprehensive digital forum booklet (CDFB) that contains participants’ organizations, programs, capabilities, and other details that can help future S&T project owners easily collaborate or consult their colleagues overseas. 

Dr. Senoro stated that the forum will also seek to identify and list the top critical challenges discussed during the five-day forum. These shortlisted items will be included in the CDFB that would be shared in the scientific community. This is for them to prioritize and engage in collaborative research and provide solutions to the identified concerns and issues that would form a priority research agenda in the Asian region.

Although this is only the second year that Mapúa University has participated in ASDF, Dr. Senoro explained that the university’s role in the conference will further bolster the country’s leading engineering and technological university’s credibility in the S&T and international research community, which in turn will attract future international collaborations, and entice more research funding agencies and industries who are looking for highly-competent talents in the Asian region. 

For more information on the Asian Science Deans Forum 2024, visit https://asdf2024.mapua.edu.ph/. 

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