Mapúa University’s 99th Anniversary Celebrates the Legacy of Innovation and Excellence

Mapúa University

Mapúa University has marked another milestone with the celebration of its 99th Founding Anniversary. Aptly themed “Always Building the Future,” the festivity served as a kick-off event for the university’s upcoming Centennial Anniversary in 2025 and a chronicle of its numerous accomplishments. 

Aside from the formal opening ceremonies, the 99th founding anniversary will also herald the launch of a new student engagement system, an online marketplace platform for learning, and the Mapúa/Altair Center of Excellence in Digital Transformation. The student engagement system is designed to build and foster a meaningful student experience in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities outside the classroom, ensuring a vibrant campus life that complements academic learning. The online learning marketplace platform serves as a centralized hub to access all of Mapúa’s online training and learning courses, further enhancing the university’s educational offerings and supporting lifelong learning for our students and alumni.

Moreover, the groundbreaking collaboration with Altair to establish the Mapúa/Altair Center of Excellence in Digital Transformation represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to innovation and excellence in engineering and information technology education. This Center of Excellence will provide Mapúa students and faculty with advanced tools in data mining and analytics, machine learning, AI-driven engineering designs, simulations, and embedding IoT technologies, positioning Mapúa at the forefront of digital transformation education.

Mapúa University

This year’s celebration also includes the annual research colloquium and several sessions of the Centennial Lectures series, where Mapúa alumni discuss various issues such as sustainable engineering, emerging biological and chemical treatment technologies, and advanced design standards. In addition to these academic pursuits, students can engage in immersive and engaging activities such as the annual Mister and Miss Cardinal and the unveiling of the countdown clock marking the university’s approach to its Centennial Year. Together, these initiatives and events create an avenue for students to highlight their skills, talents, and creativity while also fostering a deep sense of community and camaraderie on campus.

Established in 1925 by renowned architect Don Tomas Mapúa, the university is known for its high educational standards, which have led to the numerous recognitions, awards, and partnerships it has gained throughout the years. In the past two years alone, the university secured a spot in the prestigious Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2023 and the The University Impact Rankings. It continued its impressive feat of inclusion in the Top 100 Southeast Asian universities by the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) Asia University Rankings. Primed for executive brilliance, Mapúa University bagged the Digital Education Leadership award from the United States-based education and technology company, Cengage.

However, these awards and accolades are a mere glimpse of the university’s capabilities. 

Mapúa University
Photo credit from Mapúa University Facebook Page

Dr. Dodjie Maestrecampo, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mapúa University, recounted the most notable university-led endeavors that signaled the institution’s pinnacle of success in the past 99 years. It encompassed pioneering programs in engineering and sciences, which continuously helped augment the country’s technological workforce. The creation of Mapúa’s own online learning platform, ÚOx, is another accomplishment. The institution’s emphasis on innovation for people and the planet brings forth several sustainability efforts, which earned the nod of numerous international bodies. These achievements are proof of the university’s innovativeness and the values it has continuously upheld —excellence, ingenuity, and social responsiveness. 

Home of future industry leaders, these traits have propelled the university to keep evolving, guaranteeing the delivery of education that remains outstanding.

Mapúa University
Photo credit from Mapúa University Facebook Page

“Mapúa has been anticipative of the future and has striven not only to keep pace with the fast-changing times but has sought to help conceive, invent, engineer, and build the future. At Mapúa University, we do not rest on our laurels. Our past achievements serve as a guiding force in being of service to various industries and communities,” said Dr. Maestrecampo. 

Dr. Maestrecampo further reiterated that Mapúa’s vision remains strongly intact with its commitment to world-class education in the Philippines, thus equipping its students to build the next big thing in a wide array of fields as tomorrow’s nation-builders.  

“Staying true to its vision, Mapúa University will continue to be a global leader in education, further fostering socio-economic growth in society through innovation, digital transformation, and lifelong education. It will remain one of the best universities in the region and the world, engaging in research, development, innovation, and sustainability,” Dr. Maestrecampo stated. 

To learn more about Mapúa University’s programs and milestones, visit https://bit.ly/AskMapua.

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