CIMB Bank PH Unveils new HQ Designed to Enhance Collaboration and Employee Wellbeing


CIMB Bank PH recently announced the company’s move to a new office space in BGC, Taguig. This modern facility is thoughtfully designed to foster collaboration, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

CIMB Bank PH refers to its employees as “Mavericks” in order to instill in everyone a culture of independent thinking and unconventional approaches. The new office, dubbed as the “Home of the Mavericks,” symbolizes CIMB Bank PH’s commitment to innovation and individuality. By embracing this spirit, the company fosters an environment that encourages creativity, risk-taking, and the pursuit of unique solutions.

Located at the Bonifacio Stopover Corporate Center, the new Home of the Mavericks enjoys a prime location strategically positioned to ensure easy access to a wide range of amenities, making it a convenient and vibrant workspace for CIMB employees and partners alike.


A highlight of the new office is its array of special features aimed at facilitating an efficient and engaging work experience to help inspire employees to imbibe CIMB’s “EPICC” culture of enabling talent, passion, integrity and accountability, customer centricity, and collaboration.

The office boasts of six fully equipped meeting rooms, providing ample space for Mavericks to collaborate and brainstorm to come up with innovative new ideas for customers. Each room is named after a Philippine hero – such as Rizal, Bonifacio, and Lapu Lapu – to help empower Mavericks to embody the audacious spirit of these inspiring men and women. Additionally, three dedicated training rooms offer a conducive environment for upskilling and professional development. To enhance virtual collaboration, four video conference booths are strategically placed throughout the office, enabling seamless communication with remote teams and partners.

CIMB Bank PH’s impressive array of awards are also displayed around the office akin to art galleries, a constant reminder for Mavericks to always strive for excellence and live by the EPICC values.


Recognizing the importance of work-life balance, CIMB Bank PH has incorporated an entertainment area within the office space. Complete with a billiards table, a mini table tennis setup, and a foosball table, this dedicated space encourages Mavericks to also take breaks, relax, and engage in friendly competition, fostering a vibrant and dynamic work culture. More exciting recreation features are also in the pipeline to further enhance the employee experience.

“One of the most important factors behind our success is our hardworking Mavericks. We want to be able to provide an exceptional work environment for them to better foster the EPICC values we all live by in order for us to all work together and live up to our title of Best Bank in the Philippines,” said Vijay Manoharan, CIMB Bank Philippines CEO.

CIMB Bank PH’s new office signifies the bank’s unwavering commitment to providing top-notch financial services to the Philippines while prioritizing employee satisfaction and engagement.

Read more about the bank’s products and promos on www.cimbbank.com.ph, as well as on its Facebook and Instagram pages.

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