Quaker Oats Made Every Fiber Intake Easier and Tastier with Luis Manzano and Solenn Heussaff Delicious Recipes

Quaker Oats

Quaker Oats has introduced many fiber-rich products to help Filipinos have a more balanced diet. Oats have been proven to have 7x more fiber per 100g serving versus long grain white rice which helps fulfill the recommended consumption of fiber our body needs every day.

Now, Quaker Oats is again introducing new and innovative recipes to encourage fiber a daily staple in their diet using oats from breakfast dishes, lunch, and even to treats and desserts!

It’s been said thal what you eat not only reflects how you look but also how you feel. One way of boosting the health benefits of your diet is found in the magic of fiber which are commonly found in fruits, veggies, cereal grains, oats and beans!

Quaker Oats

The Battle for the Best Healthy Treats

Quaker Oats recently hosted The Quaker Kitchen Cook Off which featured brand ambassadors Luis Manzano and Solenn Heussaff who challenged each other to prepare easy to do, tasty, and nutritious recipes using Quaker Oats.

During the event, which was also broadcasted via Quaker Philippines’ Facebook page, both health buffs shared their go-to fruity and delicious desserts such as the Rainbow Superfloat, Caramelized Bananas No-Bake Cheesecake, and Homemade Sorbetes. Luis and Solenn whipped up these fun recipes using Quaker Oats, and along with expert nutritionists, also shared their tips to increasing fiber in your diet and sustaining a healthy lifestyle without completely cutting out treats.

Quaker Oats

“I love Quaker Oats and it has been a kitchen staple in the Manzano household since I was young. My favorite recipe to make is definitely Overnight Oats because it’s quick and easy but I’ve recently been leveling up my culinary skills! So now. the Rainbow Superfloat recipe is a new favorite`. It’s a great option if you like having a more fruity and colorful breakfast or dessert that is also healthy, light, and refreshing!” Luis shared during the program.

Quaker Oats

“It’s very interesting how many healthy dishes you can make with oats as main ingredients!,” says Solenn. “Though there are other source of Fiber, Quaker Oats is my go-to because it carries 7x more fiber and it ts highly versatile. You dishes like homemade sorbetes, no-bake cheesecakes, and more!”

With these fiber-rich recipes, treats can definitely still be sweet and delicious while healthy and good for your body. Indulge yourself in tastier flavors without sacrificing your diet and disturbing your digestion with Quaker Oats.

Try any of these recipes and tag @quakeroatsph when you share your own #Quaker7xMoreFiber creations! Visit https://linky.ph/quakeroatsph for more information on recipes and upcoming events.

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