RCBC’s Essential Travel Tips For Your Vacation Goals

RCBC Auto Loans

RCBC Auto Loans is here to help you get the car you need for your vacation goals. And if you are among the many who take advantage of the Holy Week to get out of the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, then you’re in luck.

This year, April 10, the Monday after Easter Sunday, was declared as a regular holiday to mark the Araw ng Kagitingan or Day of Valor celebration. Thus, a five-day long weekend!

You now have more reasons to take that much-deserved trip to the beach or that much-missed out of the country getaway! Maybe you can use the time to meditate by going on a traditional Lenten Visita Iglesia outside the city.

Whatever road you take, however, it’s important that you prepare adequately. You wouldn’t want to encounter a problem in the middle of the trip. Here are some tips.

Prepare based on your mode of transportation. If you’re taking public transport, make sure you check departure schedules and seat availability beforehand. Everyone is on vacation mode too, so get those tickets and seats as early as possible.

If you’re doing a road trip outside of Metro Manila, reload your Autosweep and Easytrip RFID online before you hit the road. You can do this with RCBC Digital . Log on to your RCBC Digital  app, click Menu and select the Buy Load option. Choose which type of RFID you wish to reload. Input the amount (you can reload for as low as P200) and your RFID account number, choose your RCBC source amount to complete the transaction.

Get those vacation-ready chic ensembles. You don’t have to storm the malls and break the bank to look chic on your vacation. It’s all a matter of having pieces of clothing that are easy to mix and match. For men, a black crew neck shirt pairs well with formal chinos and casual joggers. It’s also easy to dress up a black shirt if you layer it with a polo or a jacket. For women, cropped trousers in basic colors are versatile as they can be worn with almost any kind of top, from white shirts to oversized linen button-downs. Building the perfect vacation wardrobe? The ZALORA Credit Card, powered by RCBC, is a fashion and lifestyle credit card that can give you up to six-percent cashback on ZALORA  and other online purchases. You can also earn P5,000 ZALORA  shopping credits when you spend at least ₱30,000, single or accumulated, within 60 days from card delivery.

Secure yourself with travel insurance. Ease some of your worries when you travel by buying travel insurance—especially the out-of-the-country mode. Travel insurance can provide you financial protection when you encounter some issues concerning your trip such as lost luggage, delayed and canceled flights, and medical emergencies. Some destinations also require tourists to have travel insurance as well. You can get free travel insurance of up to 15 days courtesy of Malayan Insurance if you purchase your travel tickets using your RCBC Credit Card; just call the RCBC Credit Card customer service hotline and provide your travel details.

Look for discounts and deals when booking accommodations last minute. It can be tricky to book hotel rooms last minute, especially if you’re traveling during the Holy Week. Room rates are usually more expensive during this time of year. Therefore, when booking rooms close to the check-in date, take time to look for deals and discounts to offset that holiday price increase and still get the accommodations you want and deserve. Sometimes, the best deals are easily within your reach. For instance, get 65 percent off on your Deluxe Room at The Bellevue Resort in Bohol if you book using your RCBC Credit Card! Check out https://rcbccredit.com/promos for more deals and promos that you can use for your travels this long weekend!  

Plan your road trip accordingly. If you plan on going on a road trip, remember so are many other vacationers. This entails an extra layer of preparation. Days before your trip, consider scheduling your car for preventive maintenance service (PMS). This includes having your engine , steering and suspension, tires, and brakes checked. Performing general maintenance to check your car’s brake fluid level and battery, among others, would be great as this would allow you to identify and fix potential issues with your vehicle. Gas up on the night before your trip. In addition, prepare your itinerary before the trip so you can plan your routes in advance. It wouldn’t hurt to load up on snacks and food, especially if you want to avoid the long lines at restaurants and convenience stores. If you’re traveling with children, bring games or download apps and movies on your mobile gadgets to keep them entertained in the middle of holiday traffic.

RCBC Auto Loans

Even though traveling can be difficult during long weekends, it cannot be denied that driving your own car offers a lot of comforts as well. Drive your dream car when the next long weekend rolls around with RCBC Auto Loans. RCBC Auto Loan offers as fast as 1 day approval upon submission of completed documents, subject of course to unit availability. You can get an auto loan for a car or motorcycle with affordable monthly installments, low downpayment, and flexible terms of up to five years. Visit https://www.rcbc.com/auto-loans to apply and see which auto loan best fits your needs.

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